Putn on Size

Hey all,

I’m new here, just wanted to say Hello, and ask a question or two!

First off I have lost 87lbs. since November 2006, I have gone from 292 to 205 lbs. I feel awesome, and can’t get enough of this shit!!!

At this point Im want to add some size, without stimulants n shit, though. I’m wondering about a couple of Nutrabolic products…NOZ Full Throttle and Growth Factor, anyone use or shed some light on these supplements?? They look good, straight amino’s, natural, no caff., or energy booster stuff, which is what i want.

My diet is bang on, I currently on use whey protein, multi-Vit, EFA’s and Amin0-Vital, but I’m looking for something that is gonna, add some more size, while still allowing me to lose fat.

Thanks in advance all!

Holy crap. I started trying to lose weight around december '06, and I have only lost like 50 lbs. Well, I am like 3 lbs away from 50.

Nice job man. As far as putting on size well I can’t help ya, just wanted to commend your weight loss.

Damn fine work so far.

as for your ? you might look in the store here at BCAA’s. Creatine, and Beta7 they seem to fit the bill opf what your after