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Putin to the Rescue

Apparently, Russia’s gray eminence Vladimir Putin saved a group of scientists from a tiger.

How awesome is that!

Clearly, the 80s would have turned out differently with this guy around instead of Gorby.
According to the rules of a (new) cold war, Bush MUST put something even more awesome on the table.

What will it be?

Strangling two alien white house invaders barehanded?
Getting a blow job from Hillary and letting her suffocate afterwards from the mighty load, live at prime time?

Bush will save a mouse from a group of scientists. He won’t even leave his office, he’ll just cut their funding.

Then, to up the ante, he’ll eat, unaided and unscathed, an entire bag of pretzels.

Take that Pooty Poot!

How 'bout this one, someone had to slap it…

I get it.

So the US started this (as usual) through Bush who saved the olympics by recommending squats to skinny volleyball athletes.

“…Stick that ass out a bit more. Now raise that chin up and pull yourself down under tension! Let me check out if your glutes are really tense during the excentric part…YEAH BABY”

Good work, George.

Still, the ball is now in your corner.

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