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Put Your Weights Away, Please.


For beginners from other people that use the gym as well. Can you please put your weights away. I hate trying to search for a weight and its stacked behind 30 other plates. Since working at a gym for 2 years its second nature for me to clean up the weights. It takes like 10 seconds to put your weights away properly. I give these plates one day before they are scattered all over the place. End rant.

Thank you.


I clean up the weights too, it's worse this time of year (not as worse as after New Years though). I think it has something to do with the holidays coming up, more and more newcomers wanna look good for family/friends but they don't how or don't care to follow proper gym etiquette.


At my gym the problem isn't beginners it's dudes on athletic teams. They treat the gym like their private locker room. Don't put plates away, don't wipe down machines after they use em, leave cups and towels every where. Lame.


This reminds me of a time, that someone was wiping down the machines after they used them, but was too lazy to pick up the paper towel and throw it out. It made the whole place feel so damn dirty.

The gym that I currently go to is always in a messed up state. The weights are never in any order, and it seems to stem from almost everyone who trains there.


Yeah, I've worked out in a few places that look like the back of someones closet. I guess I don't mind it if that's just how it is, but our gym is really nice until a team comes in to do a group workout and just leaves shit everywhere.


I have to admit, I'm guilty of just leaning 45's against the weight trees on the racks when there's no more room (they only hold like 3 at my gym).

Most of the folks at my gym are pretty considerate.

Commercial gyms aren't nearly as bad as some folks make them out to be.


The only plates I don't put back are the 20kg plates on the bench press bar.

Nasty habit, and probably pretty harsh, but if you can't bench 60kg you shouldn't be bench pressing. Do some pushups instead. Apologies.


Yes. My gym is awful for that. I'll get there and there are bar bells all over the place, a curl bar with 90lbs of weight on a bench, dumb bells on the opposite side of the gym, and mud on the mats and handles of the dumbbells. And of course, no one else is there. If I could afford it, I'd just get a gym in my garage.


Why? That is dumb. Show some respect for the people that work out around you.


I don't mean to be ignorant, it's just the sort of gym I started training in, the 20kg plates were just always on the bar as standard. Same at my gym now. When I trained at a couple of different gyms inbetween, it seemed strange that anyone would even bother to take them off, and most of the time they didn't.

Why should they do pushups instead? If a gymgoer at my gym can't bench 60kgs, then they're lacking any sort of strength base, usually. If they're benching less than 60kgs for a 1RM, they might as well be doing pushups - assuming they weigh in at over 60kgs (130lbs).

Don't get your panties in a bunch, I usually find them that way too, if that's any indication of how much the people who work out around me disagree with this practice.




At least someone knew it was my legs day to leave some plates on...


My first warm up set is with the bar for everything but deads...

That shit would annoy the piss out of me.


Its funny because there is a rule board in the gym that is literally 6' x 6' and rule number 6 states "All weights must be returned to stacks *you will loose weight room privileges if you fail to do so. No warnings."

Its a college gym so I doubt that rule is going to be enforced at all but just funny.


Ditto. A few warm-up sets with the bar is nice. It's not like it's hard for me to unload the plates, but it isn't hard for the guy before me, either.

Bars should generally be stripped unless the guy literally right behind you says he wants them on.


That is a great rational for being lazy. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone will buy it. Just say "I'm too lazy to put away all my plates properly" and people will at least respect your honesty.

My gym is pretty awful about this in general. The last time I was there, i had to almost completely dismantle the squat rack to do squats. Some one had a step under the bar at its lowest setting with about 40 lbs of various weights on each side. I have no idea what you do with that, but it was really annoying to dismantle the step to move it, take all the weights off, reset the pegs, etc. just to do my squats. I don't mind moving the pegs, because we all use the squat racks for several different exercises, but leaving all the weights on the bar and leaving the step right in the middle of the rack is totally uncalled for.



haha I wish my camera was working, tonight 8 plates were left on one side of the hack squat and none on the other and it's no even bolted down, fucking ridiculous


I appreciate that. It's not laziness, I put all other weights back. It's just that everyone does it in the gyms I mentioned, and nobody minds. I put all my weights back in other gyms I've attended, as I mentioned. I still think if you're bench pressing less than 60kgs (even for warmups)then you might as well be doing pushups.


you should tell this guy to stick to push ups, since he use belov 60kg as warm up.


how the hell would doing press ups increase bench? Yeah if you couldnt do the bar, but how would it help you to learn to get upwards of 60 kgs? To get stronger at bench, then bench. I couldnt care less about weights being put back, at my gym noone does. Doesnt bother me at all, i just do it. But to say someone who doesnt warm up with 60kg+, needs to stick to press ups, is retarded.