Put Voice Mails on CD?

I have hilarious voice mails from strength coach friends from the past 3 years that I refuse to erase, but now my mailbox is always full. Does anyone know how I could record them onto a CD so I could finally open up my voice mailbox a little?
Thanks! I have Verizon, I emailed them and they said they couldnt do it.

One simple low tech solution is to play them on a speakerphone and capture the audio with a microphone on an MP3 player. Upload the MP3 to your computer then burn a disc. My guess is that you aren’t as interested in preserving the quality of the call as much as the content.

Does your phone have a “headphone” (mini phone-jack)? If so you can plug that into the “Line” input on a tape-recorder. Also, try calling a reording studio. They can probably do it for you, the FBI does it all the time.

nice ideas, Ill get on that next week when I have a day off from work…Im live in the ark ages so Ill need help from friends figuring it out, but needed some direction to start in…plus I will look to see if there is a recording studio and ask them how much…trust me, for those in the S&C world these messages would be like the old Jerky Boy tapes…its my buddies I used to coach with calling me pranking me all the time breaking my chops, playing parts of movies like Full Metal Jacket, Patton, A Few Good Men…good stuff…