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Put Some Weight On The Bar!?

I have been doing starting strength consistently now for about a month, adding weight as instructed.

MY lifts (all 3x5, warm-up not included):

Squat 135 1st workout. 235 most recent, doing 245 today.
Bench 135, 160 last workout. going for 165 Wed.
Front press 85 1st. Last 105, going for 110 today.
Deadlift 135 1st. 235 last going for 265 today.

So I have been getting stronger. In fact last friday I did an extra set of bench @ 160 for reps and did it for 12x. I already have started adding 30 lbs at dead lifts My question is should I put more weight on the bar? Can I add 10 lbs per workout for upper body lifts for awhile? I am hesitant because I want to keep this going for at least 2-3 more months. Any advice would be appreciated

I would consider myself detrained, not a complete novice. my previous maxes were:

355 squat
245 bench
315x5 deadlift.
not sure about the press but used to use 135 x10 reps.

In my personal experience a jump to 10lbs a week on exercises is a big jump if already pushing heavy. Even adding 1.5lbs to a exercise a week is progression. I believe a member said it in this way “progression with adding weight to the bar should be unnoticeable”.

I usually add about 2.5lbs (Smallest weights) a week. When using machine I usually put a 1.25lbs-2.5lbs plates on the pin. The next plate is either to much for me so I like to add that till I can do the next plate.

The only way to know the answer to that question is to add 10 lbs to the bar and try to lift it. If you can do the 3x5 then yes you can. If not then no you can not. This is actually covered in the Starting Strength bok and wiki articles. He says to start off with like 5-10 lbs on upper body and like 10-15 lbs on lower body. When you have trouble adding that weight you cut the increments in half. Check the book or wiki for the exact program and progression plans.