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Put Protein Debate To Rest

I just saw the thread knocking protein (Protein is OVERATED by Quest 2002-08-01 20:23:57)and moved a bit closer to the fire escape with a grin on my gob. Its always fun to sit back and watch the flaming, especially the idiots who stick oil suppositories up their arse and cigarettes in their mouth. <However I think that many arguments put forward (by both parties) could have scientific studies and the like as references. This would definately stop all the constant scepticism and erase any accusation of dogma. Science is a funny thing I know. It is held up as the yardstick of truth and validity, and yet produces a bunch of conflicting results for whatever reason. Much of the knowlege put forward may be the result of professional practice knowlege which is good too, but also has its downfalls. For example I discovered at a young age that protein (BCAA,Glutamine & Tuna) not carbs was the key to unlocking my plateu. A scientific minded fellow tore this down as lacking sample size, control group etc. etc. and said that a caloric surplus caused by increased protein was the likely cause. He was from the 0.8-1.5gram per kilogram of mass school of htought, supported by studies according to the lecture notes. The full journal title wasn’t supplied (?)>
Anyway I’m not sold on the idea for many of the reasons stated by the valient T-Defenders and need ammo with which to construct an unassailable argument and a damn good library. Shit I might even learn something.

There isn’t a debate. Its just people trying to state their opinions based on experience and sometimes current and sometimes out of date information.
That said, if you look back at quester’s original post, he didn’t say protein was unecessary, he simply suggested that maybe the supplement companies have a vested interest in presenting media that points to taking much more protein than the body could practically utilize. Its an interesting theory that sparked a kneejerk reaction of people screaming ‘go back to PETAville or Fuckin Vegan’ instead of saying ‘well maybe the 500g of protein i’m taking is a little bit overkill.’
Different people are going to respond well to different diets at different points of time in their different lives.