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Put on TRT Few Months Ago for ED, Estrogen at 50

Hey guys been doing alot of reading , so I was put on trt for ED couple months ago 200mg of test cypionate.( I recently decided to do test E 500mg a week )I was looking over my bloodwork an seen my estrogen level was at 49… the reading I’ve been doing says that high of estradiol may be where my problem is… why did my doctor not even mention that ? Please inform me if I am wrong. Thanks in advance guys.

What were your total test and free test levels when your started TRT? I am assuming your E2 of 49 was pre TRT?

Total test 283 free test 7.07 .

I’ve been dealing with ED for years…has my estrogen level been causing this the whole time do you think ?

wait a second … you decided to blast after 2 months on trt , terrible decision number one and whats your stats ???

Why was that a terrible decision

I’m specifically asking about ED and my estrogen level… you want what stats ?

It’s possible. Your testosterone was very low and your E2 was high.

Height , weight , age ???

And it was a bad decision because u were just getting to the point where u had to check labs (6 weeks) after starting and tweak trt to really optimize yourself !!

Ok thanks very much for the response, I may have to look into and AI, see what the doctor puts me on

How often are u injecting ? I’m also new but I suggest read read and read some more . Don’t just jump on an AI , inject more frequently … so much more that the vets hear need to try and help you out .

Thanks man , I’m 31 190 5.10 . I inject 2x a week… I’m concerned that my estrogen has always been high which led to my ED problems . It was 50 before I started test… I need to go get bloodwork and see what it is now