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Put on Muscle or Lose Fat First?


I don't know how to get started. I'm trained for a few years in the past but haven't in over a year, now I am just lost on what to do. A little guidance is appreciated.


Cut the fat bra, you'll be ready for the beach in no time. 10 by the way.


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Where is the best place to put this thread? I am not trolling. T-mag has so many forums with so many stickies with so many rules. Mods, pls move this thread to where you think it's appropriate.

Every time I've asked ppl in the past, I've gotten nothing but flames. No one reaches out to post an opinion on whether I should cut fat or put on muscle first. If I could get good opinions, then I can focus my research and efforts. I seriously don't know how I look in the eyes of others so that's why I am asking how I look.




Just start working out with a lot of effort and get your diet right. Get plenty of protein and take it easy on the carbs. Don't eat junk food. YOur body composition will improve. Once you get that part down for a few months or a year you can start adjusting.



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Lets see...you have no delts, pecs, bi's, tri's, lats, quads, etc....so if you cut all the fat...will that make all those muscle appear?

Keep lifting and come back and post next year...


Op, bullshit aside dont listen to cunts, especially slothguy. You dont have a base(little to no muscle) to cut down to. Therefore you really just need to pick a solid meal plan and also stick with a good training plan.

Easy steps for beginners: take you body weight X 19- this is a base on how many calories to be taking in a day to gain mass. take body weight again X by 1.5 this is the minimum amount of protein you should be taking in a day. ex: if you weigh 200 pounds be eating 3,800 calories and 300g of protein per day.

You definitely need to find a good training program, perhaps a simple 2 body part per day split EX: M-chest/tri T-back/bi W-Leg/shoulder repeat. There are many different laid out plans on this site so just look around. Find one stick with it for a year and then come back.


I appreciate all the responses so far. Putting on muscle it is then. Thanks.