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Put on HRT at 19

Guys, I’m hoping someone here can fill me in on some things…I’m 19 years old, been lifting for 4 years, and I’ve been put on hormone replacement therapy. My doctor has me on Andriol @ 80mg twice daily (160mg total). I’m worried about testicular atrophy in the long term though…Should I be? I’ve read that it is a good idea to take hCG alongside the testosterone to mitigate these effects. Is this something I should bring up with my doctor?

I’m also hoping to switch to injections at some point in time, because I haven’t heard many good things about Andriol’s delivery efficiency (or consistency). What do you guys think about Clomid? I’m wondering if it’s possible to restore my natural production with a drug like that. Any insight would be helpful guys. Thanks! Let me know if there are any details that might be helpful!

have you heard anything bro? these are all EXCELLENT questions

SERMs have too many sides to be used long term and TRT is forever.

Andriol is a Canadian ‘pet project’ that really has no merit other than avoiding injections.

Oral availability is poor considering that 10mg of T delivered into your body would be a really good dose.

100mg/week injected test ester yields ~70mg T after the ester groups are removed, which is 10mg/day, what a young normal virile male makes.

Have you read the stickies?

You need hCG to preserve your fertility and estrogen monitoring and control.

If doc pushes back about injections, ask him if he does that for insulin dependent diabetics too.