Put On Clomid/Estrogen Blocker. Experiences/Expectations?

Labs came back in summary:

Low free-T
Low LH
Low Estradiol-Sensitive
A few other things slightly out of range.

I went through Defy medical. The doctor is prescribing:
Clomid (12.5mg, taken every other day)
Anastrozole (.125mg, taken 3x per week) (Estrogen blocker)

He also recommended some over the counter supplements to help DHEA, D3.

I will do this for 6 weeks and have labs done again to check to see if things are improved.

My questions:

What have the experiences been from those who took a similar protocol? (Just clomid or clomid/estrogen blocker). What should my expectation be as far as when I should feel an improvement in my symptoms?

Thanks for all input

Clomid isn’t usually used in men with high SHBG, clomid increases SHBG, there must be another reason for attempting it. If you on any medications for depression and or anxiety, that could increase SHBG.

What did your Defy blood tests look like.
My guess is if Defy did not put you on T then your numbers were not to bad and though they could get your ball working better with the clomid.

The lab results were:
Low free-T
Low LH
Low Estradiol-Sensitive
Low D3
Low Iodine
Underperforming Thyroid

I’ve heard of people on JUSt clomid. I’m curious what their experience was like, and the time frame to be expected before an effect is noticed. I’m on no current medications as I enter this plan. Defy said we would try this for 6 weeks, check in with new labs and symptoms, and go from there as far as if testosterone is needed.

This is the entire protocol that was given to me:


BEGIN CLOMID 12.5 mg every other day x 6 weeks. To increase LH.

BEGIN Anastrozole 0.125 mg one three times weekly x 6 weeks. Per elevated E2 symptoms

Over the counter supplements:

BEGIN IODINE 150mcg one daily– for Thyroid support.

BEGIN SELENIUM 200mcg one daily– for Thyroid support. Or eat Brazil nuts weekly, since they are an excellent source of Selenium.

BEGIN Vitamin D3 5000 - 10,000 IU one daily. To Decrease SHBG and Raise Free T, and for mood support.

BEGIN Vitamin K2 100 mcg one daily. To help where the extra calcium (that is absorbed because of D3) will be optimally directed in the body.

BEGIN DHEA 25 mg one at bedtime. To Decrease SHBG and Raise Free T.

BEGIN Stinging Nettle Root 1,000 mg one daily. To Decrease SHBG and Raise Free T.

I have heard with an Underperforming Thyroid TRT might not even work. I’ve never seen any studies on this but still. Looks like they are trying to get your Thyroid performing better and give your nuts a swift kick to fire them up as well. Sounds like a good plan to me.
When do they want new bloods?

New blood labs will be taken in 6 weeks of this protocol.

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I’m 2 weeks in on 25mg clomid EOD and just started .25mg of Anastrozol M/W/F this week after a libido crash and itchy boobs from my first week without Anastrozol probably due to e2 increase. I have high SHBG low free T and LH. Clomid will increase SHBG due to the rise of e2 it creates that’s why it’s important to run an AI. I’m interested to see blood work yours and mine after 6 weeks to see effects on free t and SHBG levels.

@heyyouguys - Your labs & treatment plan seem to be very similar to mine. My Clomid dose is just 12.5mg instead of 25mg. What provider are you going through for your treatment? Have you noticed any effects (outside of the libido crash and itchy boobs) thus far? Any improvements in your symptoms?

Is this your the beginning of your treatment as well? Definitely keep me posted on your experiences along the way, and blood work the next time you have it. I’ll share mine as well.

Local urologist as my provider. Symptoms of elevated e2 have mostly went away after starting the AI. Improvement not so much yet and yes it’s the beginning of treatment for me.

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@heyyouguys - What was your estrogen tested at prior to you starting your treatment? Since you’re on a similar treatment protocol to me, but a couple weeks ahead of me, I would definitely be interested in your new labs. I’ll keep you posted with mine as well.

Estradiol 25 pg/ml <=53 pg/ml not the preferred E2 test but I will request sensitive next round. I’ve gained 5 pounds this week and that is unusual for me.

That’s normal. When you get up in the morning drink as much water as you can stand. I know it sounds strange but it will work. Your body thinks you are dehydrated so it hold water. You are your most dehydrated when you wake. By drinking lots of water you body will release the water its holding faster.

I drink 1 gallon of water daily by 12pm and close to 2 gallons by bed time. I’m not shocked by the weight gain I just don’t want it to get out of hand.

Lets hope it doesn’t. My bloated went away after two week same with tender nipples.
Dam 2 gallons that sounds like almost too much. You don’t want to flush all your minerals out of your body. When I wake up I drink about 500ml. At the gym I go thru another 500 and then thru the evening another 500.

@hrdlvn - What was your treatment protocol? Sensitive nipples I’m guessing is from the elevated E2? As discussed in a separate topic, my Estradiol sensitive was 7.2, and the doc still paired my clomid treatment with an AI. He suggests the clomid alone would raise estrogen, but paired with the AI blocker will keep it within a normal range.

@heyyouguys - I’m officially only on day 4 of taking the 12.5mg clomid & .125 Anastrozole. I’ll keep you posted on changes I encounter.

My protocol was 120mg/wk T cyp, 800iu HCG/wk .125mg anastrzole M/W/F. I believe my water and nipples was my body dealing with all that new T in my blood that had not been there for 10 years.

I’m likely over analyzing, especially since my doctor didn’t specify anything particular… If I’m being told to take anastrozole 3x a week, does it matter much how I break it up, given there is at least 1 day inbetween? I’m told to take Clomid every other day, and anastrozole 3x per week.

This week I’m doing:
Mon- Clomid+Anastrozole
Wed - Clomid + Ana
Fri- Clomid
Sat - Ana
Sun- Clomid

I don’t know if taking them together at the same time makes any difference as opposed to JUST clomid Monday, and then JUST Anastrozole Tuesday…?


Unlike some on this forum who claim to be an expert at everything. I’m not one of them. I don’t know anything about Clomid protocols. I know it trys to boost your natural production of T and that can raise your E2.

As to your question of timing the AI I don’t think it matters. Here is why I think that. All drugs have a half life and based on that half life after a number of days you reach what is called a steady state. A steady state is when you have double the amount of medicine in your blood compared to what you are taking.
The shorter the half life the more frequently you should take the drug. Here’s a few half lives of the more common HRT drugs.

Testosterone Cyp (Half life 8 days) - Steady state in 40 days

propionate 0.8 days
enanthate 4.5 days
decanoate 14 days
undecanoate 20.9 days

Arimidex (Half life 2 days) - Steady state in 10 days
Aromasin (Half life 1 day) - Steady state in 5 days
HCG (Half life 2 days) - Steady state in 10 days.
Clomid ( Half life 6 days) - Steady state in 30 days.
Remember, 5 x half life of a medication = Steady state of that medication.

@heyyouguys - Have you done follow up labs yet? How are your symptoms at this point?

5 Weeks in. Just had my labs done after the 4 week mark, and awaiting them. No improvement on symptoms at this point. I dropped the AI 2.5 weeks in, due to low starting E2 and the doctor’s assistant telling me to go ahead and drop it.