Put on Androgel for the First Time

OK, I had my blood drawn and tested a while back and today I got a message from my DR that they wanted me on Androgel right away, like they called it in to the pharmacy for me and told me to get on it today. I showered and dried and put it on and I’m feeling a little bit of a tingle in my face and shoulders (applied 4 pumps to shoulders & upper arms).

Anyhow, I’m 5’9" 25 years old, balding, plenty of facial and chest hair, 270lbs, 50.5" waist but I’ve got 16.5" biceps cold, over 17" flexed with noticeable tricep cuts. I’ve got 28" thighs too, but they’d be about 26" if I was leaner. I bench around 250lbs and I work out somewhat infrequently. I never have trouble getting it up and I don’t think my libido is low. I look very masculine.

My father apparently has low T, at least two of my sisters have hormone imbalances, my brother has hemochromatosis. I hit puberty early, grew quick, and stopped at 13. I have the finger differential that suggests that I was exposed to high levels of androgen in the womb and my mother is kind of masculine (e.g. she works in construction, had 7 kids, 55 y/o still has good muscle tone/strength, some alopecia, Hard worker). My mother’s sister is trandsgendered female to male.

I’m going to talk to my DR, but I figured until I get to talk to him, I’d talk to ya’ll. What should I expect? Am I an odd case?

What exactly did they test? Total T? Free T?
If they only tested free T - which is becoming more common apparently - then it may be an issue of T converting to estradiol. With a 50+ inch waist, that seems the most likely scenario, as increased fat mass increases aromatase. I’d try to get more thorough bloodwork before you start adding Androgel or you could end up making the problem worse.

Check serum glucose result, you might have insulin resistance.