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Put On a Bench Shirt by Myself?

Hi, I’m just considering to buy an Inzer Rage X bench shirt but I just wanna know if it is possible to put the shirt on by itself, this because I don’t train with any partner and go to the meets with any partner also, anyone with this experience?

Can’t speak on that particular shirt, but in case no one replies who can, I will say that I’ve put a Titan Katana on by myself and still had carry over. If you can get it on by yourself it likely isn’t tight enough, but you can still get shirts on by yourself and see a bit of carry over.

Its possible. Mike Tuchscherer had a video on youtube showing how to do it.

I’ve done it with a Super Katana and some single-ply Metal shirt.

Your question implies you want to train in it alone too. You should be extremely careful as things can go wrong very quickly in a tight bench shirt.

Frankjl has a critical point. You risk very VERY serious injury if you dont have a training partner and shit goes sour in a set. Inexperienced apotters can also contribute to the danger becaise they wont know what to look for going wrong, wont be fast enough in catching it, wont be paying attention, or flat-out might npt be strong enough to pull it off you.

Be fucking careful mate.

Yeah man, I’ve trained in a bench shirt alone (Titan Katana) and get in it myself for years. I bench inside my power rack so if I dump or chop the bar the pins catch it. No big deal. I also own a brand new, in the bag, Metal Jack shirt that when I recover from a shoulder surgery I’m gonna have fun with :)- myself.

Getting into a bench shirt is at times difficult but totally possible. I once saw a kid with no arms brush her teeth and them dress herself. THAT was hard to learn I’m sure, a bench shirt is not lol. IS it perfect and contest ready? NO but it’ll do.

Oh man, thank you very much to all of you!!

I can get my bench shirt on by myself. You just need a shirt loose enough. Then you learn how to adjust it to get more out of it. That’s the old Militia style. Under no circumstances would I train by myself in a shirt unless I was in a power rack. Make sure you trust the rack and set the safety pins properly if you do.