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Put on 25 Pounds This Year, Cutting Tips


How's it going everybody? I have just began my cutting program to get ready for the summer. I have put on 25 pounds this year (mainly muscle) and i wanted to know if anyone had some decent tips on cutting from their own experience. thanks yall


Use the search button, read the beginners forum.


If that is a recent picture of you in your avatar you really shouldn't be cutting. Unless you dont ever plan on adding much more muscle than you have now


Right. If he started cutting he wouldn't have anything left.


depending how fat you are and how lean you want to get, I'm assuming around 8-10%? it's pretty hard to lose muscle mass. I managed to go from a 20%+ bf, to having abs in 8 weeks. There are members of this forum who can back that up and know that no anabolic etc were used. Theres no point cutting fat if the end product will be you looking small in a shirt.


^^^Lying his ass of to look cool.


Pretty hard to lose muscle mass? Your body uses it preferentially at times, especially once you're at lower bodyfat levels. Losing muscle mass is probably one of the biggest issues people have when cutting down.


He doesnt have any muscle mass to lose. Cutting should not even be a thought at this stage.

@OP Here is what will happen if you cut:

Start: 200lbs
Bulk: 225lbs
Cut: 200lbs
Bulk: 225lbs

Yes you may make negligible gains in body composition. But at this stage they will really not be noticeable or impressive. Continue to bulk implementing damage control techniques later on rather than going round in circles.


haha fellas i appreciate all the criticism. that was me before my bulking at around 190. i've put on a good deal of mass since then along with some unwanted fat. all i want to know are some tips you have from experience. i know these forums are conducive to cynicism but let's just stick with the advice. thanks.


Unless you have put on 25lbs of pure fat. I would still bulk. At the very most a bit of damage control.


you got me.


I was doing minimum 2 hours of cardio a day combined with 0 carbs a day. Going by most peoples beliefs I should have no muscle left.


People are seriously giving you advice. What are your long term goals? Are they to be HYOOOOGE or are you content with being at the weight and strength you are at? You can't "cut" every summer and expect to make solid progress. Well, i suppose you can, but YOU can't. I know that definitely would not work for me. You should post a progress shot of yourself and then see what people advise you on doing. Honestly though, everyone is going to tell you to continue bulking


If you were able to do as you claim; you are the exception, not the rule.


the muscle loss only occurred when I tried to take my bf% under 9-10%. I don't think most people on this site will be dieting for a show, so they aren't going for extreme leanness.

I just think that they are oblivious to the fact they might not be holding as much muscle as they think and when they flatten out, dropping water and fat they freak out.

what I did wasn't remarkable nor was it special, it's just most people are afraid to push themselves.


Why not just maintain for a bit whilst slowly improving body composition. If you drastically cut you'll lose alot of muscle.

Focus on increasing work capacity and cleaning up your diet but dont slump of PWO nutrition.