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Put my Mind at Ease....


I'm carb cycling in moderation for the past few weeks with all clean foods... generally low days are white omelettes and the rest are meat with veg. high carb days are oats and the meat/veg includes brown rice or a patato.

I'm gonna try include 2-3 cheat meals per week just to keep my sane and to avoid having a full on cheat day which can be cause me to commit Carbicide!

Friday I munched a domino's pizza, sat was virtually zero carbs with a HIIT session and today i've had a few donuts (cravings, FML) and later I'm having a planned take away meal..

Question is has this kind of weekend set me back or do I need to relax and not stress over it like a big prick?

The gyms nothing new to me, but dieting is still something I'm learning/adapting as I go along so I'm trying to understand any affects of certain foods etc.

Thanks and sorry guys :smiley:


Hard to say for sure since it would be an individualized response…

And some key information is important - age, weight, are you overweight, underweight? How much muscle are you carrying?

And STILL wouldn’t be a definitive answer - you’ll really just have to try it yourself for a few weeks and see how it affects you.


lol I don’t plan on cheating like this often, my one ? though is I eat well under my maintence level, like an estimate is around 17000 per week maintenence and I currently eat around the 10,000 mark, with 5 days of weights, SS cardio and 1-2 HIIT sessions I’m easily burning off an extra 2,000 calories.

I’m relatively low BF anyway as I’ve been lifting for 4 years, it’s really just the final stubborn areas that won’t go and my abs aren’t showing yet… so I’m wondering if my low cal intake is actually having an adverse affect on the fat burning because it’s too low if that’s possible?

btw I’m 24, 5’11, 180lbs.


If you dont have visible abs yet thats not considered “low BF” or “stubborn fat” thats considered overweight. Lifting for 4 years? Whats your weight at now? Im assuming that your goal is to lose weight. I think its coming down to something is totally wrong with your diet/approach. Possibly you cut too much too soon and crashed either your metabolism or hormone problem or thyroid crashed. Basically something is off dude. Try to break this down in detail so we can give you a full critique.



height: 5’11
weight: 180lbs -ish
age: 24
Real BF: in the 12-13% area I’d have thought

Bench: 120kg
Deads: 130kg
OHP: 75kg
Squat: 130kg

Diet: (Carb cycle)

Low days:

4 egg omellete with spinach/green veg, 2 cups coffee
1 turkey breast with spinach/veg x2 a day
1 protein shake at lunch time and again PWO
dinner is generally meat/fish with veg
cottage cheese 150g before bed

Protein: 180g
Carbs: 50g max
Fat: 80g
Cals: 1400 or so

High Days:

Oats for breakfast with skimmed milk
Meals are generally the same as low carb but with 30g carbs added in brown rice usually
For dinner prob add a sweet potato

Protein: 180g
Carbs: 200g max
Fat: 80g
Cals: 1800-2000

I randomise the high/low days but generally go low, low, high or maybe low, low, mod (breakfast, PWO meals), high, low etc.

The past couple weeks though I’ve been keeping to more high carb meals as opposed to days only, so re-feeds in essence.

Oh and I rarely drink alcohol, kept to water only as well.

My worry is I’ve done too much too soon in terms of cutting and plateu’d too early… If so how can I re-adjust to get my metabolism back on track? My goal is to achieve basically what the world wants, low fat and maintain the muscle I’ve got, the scales don’t interest me.

Appreciate the help mate.


Your bodyfat guestimation is way too low if you don’t have visible abs.


I would check out the carb cycling codex article on here. Your protein seems too low as well. Hope that helps