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Put 'em in With a Hungry Pit Bull

One thing that angers me to the point of wanting to kill another human being is animal abuse. I want these fuckers DEAD! Make it a public execution so assholes who even think of animal abuse will think twice about it.


I just read the article. Fucking idiots! I don’t see what demented people can get fun out of torturing an animal, an animal that cannot speak of its pain.

fuckin’ cocksuckers should be taught a lesson. These are the kind of sick fucks that grow up to be serial killers. Kill em now before they hurt anyone else!

Not too long ago my XGF’s cat disappeared. There’s been word of some people around her neighborhood who sacrifice cats and have for years. Sounds crazy, but in that area cats disappear regularly.

That and other animal cruelty cases like the one in this thread really bother me. Puppies?! They can’t protect themselves from people! It’s no contest… cats, either. Why would someone want to hurt/kill a completely defenseless animal?

I like to consider myself a T-Man… but this sort of thing damn near brings me to tears.

Fuck the chamber, the chair, the gallows, and the firing squad. These bastards should be burned at the stake.

Jessersmack is on the right track here. I think they should be strapped down and have lit fireworks put in their mouths. Start off small like lady fingers and work up to M-80s. Either that or put them in a room with 10 or 12 pet owners and let them beat the shit out of them. Fucking punks.

Now I’m angry.

I’ll do one better than that. Make a human (if one can call those shit-suckers that) The longer you last, the less torture they get from the owners of those poor creatures. Minimum punishment:they get covered in honey and left in a field with ants for a day.

Like I’ve said before in a similar thread, an eye for an eye. The death penalty would be too easy for sick fucks like this. The government should turn a blind eye when it comes to the type of sentence these motherfuckers deserve. No cruel and unusual punishment? FUCK THAT! No trial, no jury, just execute these fuck-sticks. Slowly.

I don’t give a fuck if they’re only animals as some might say. They’re living, breathing, defenseless creatures;puppies for Christ’s sake! What goes around, comes around. They’ll get what’s coming to them.