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Put Dad on Androsol?

My dad is 57 years old. He resumed lifting about 7 years ago. He is growing discouraged. His body resists losing fat at anything other than at an achingly slow pace (even on a strict keto diet). Though lifting fairly regularly, he hasn’t put on any muscle mass at all and over the course of the last couple of years, has slightly LOST muscle mass. He’s had a checkup; he’s got a clean bill of health. He has tried tribex. He does feel better on it, but, no body comp changes have resulted. He’s supplementing with tribex for the last year or so (he cycles it 5 days on, 2off).

Would it be inappropriate for him to use Androsol for long periods of time without cycling off it? It is my understanding that at his age, he shouldn’t be concerned about natural test production/inhibition. Is this correct? Should he supplement with finasteride or Arimidex as well? I want the “old man” to keep kickin’ late in life!!

Yes, I happen to have many older clients using Androsol.
If he is not planning anymore kids…he can stay on for
extended periods (if his skin can tolerate it). I would
say that using 100-200mg per day is a good start. I’d
say he could do 6-8 weeks and them come off for
2-3 weeks and repeat.

Arimidex is a GREAT idea too.

Let me know how he makes out and good luck.


I agree with Brock that older men will have great results in the short term from Androsol use. Longer term, I’d rather see them on testosterone therapy and with Arimidex – it’s just better understood and is the surer way.

Androsol would still remain for many men an excellent
prosexual item… it can be sprayed an hour before needed,
and showered off afterwards, no particular rush to do
so… with typical frequency of having sex, there really
would be no issues at all with this use. A few men are
non-responders but that’s the exception I think, not the