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Put a Plan Together with Ferruggia's Advice


Fairly new to the lifting game just looking for advice on this plan.
Put together using adivce from the Jason Ferruggia website.

3 days a week full body workout

Workout 1
Push Press
1 arm db row

Chin ups
push ups

Face pulls

Workout 2
low incline bench press
cable rows


hanging leg raises

Workout 3
1 arm db press
1 arm db row

chin ups
push ups

db curls

each workout with alternate squats and deadlifts
3 main lifts using heavy weights ramping up.
chins, pullups, push ups, dips done to near failure.

any thoughts would be much appreciated.


How many sets of the first three 'main' exercises? I know you say to ramp but ramp to what? Absolute failure? Technical failure?


Outline looks solid to me. Ferruggia knows his stuff for sure.


I think you'd be doing yourself a disservice to not include single-leg work.


Is single-leg work a good idea to do in some leg workouts?


Yes MrDean - that is what js is saying. Single leg exercises put more strain on pelvic and core stabilizers than bilateral work (think about it - all of the load is on one side of the body). Especially if your goal is athletic performance, single leg work is great.

They're also safer on the back since you'll essentially be cutting the weights in half (usually less than half) of what you can handle with 2 leg movements.