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Pussification of Men and Violent Women


Okay, I am not even sure if this is thread worthy but I was hijacking the hitting women thread.

It has been mentioned that some women today seem to be okay with hitting men. They will shove, slap, punch and even spit on men and either think the guy won't and shouldn't do anything, or they think they can go toe-to-toe with a man.

I don't agree with any of that.

What I am asking is what is the cause of this violent behavior from some women? I don't know if it is the media, I wonder if it is that some men seem less manly. Is the combination of this less than manly male and the media causing women to take advantage and become aggressive and violent, or is it that the women are frustrated and are pushing these men to step up and be men?

I do not mean to equate violence with manliness. I love a strong man but I would not put up with a man who hit me.

Men are frustrated and women are frustrated as things seem so unclear in regards to behavior.

I hear the message from some men that they feel as if women are taking advantage of the "do not hit women" and then going to the legal system to punish men.

I also know of women who encounter men who treat them badly and abuse them and then will also use the legal system and the social system to get back. Many of these men are great at emotional and mental abuse.

So what is the cause and is there a way to change what is happening?


Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Seriously though, it seems that as america gets more and more comfortable with the good or easy life(work eat sleep), men are losing their natural aggressiveness (AGGRESSIVENESS IS A GOOD THING).

I dunno. Blame it on the fatness?


You do think it is a good thing?

I kinda like aggressive, dominant men. I also think they built this country.

I don't want a mean guy though.

But is this the reason women are more violent now? Men are not filling that role of strong protectors?


I edited my post, I meant to say Aggressiveness is a good thing.


Women get out of hand because they either:
Never have been hit by a man
Think they cannot be hit because they are a girl
Are psycho
Want to get somebody in trouble

Seriously, I wouldn't spit on a guy or call him out and not expect him to fight me.


There is a big difference between aggressiveness and just being a douche bag. I think it's the reason women are more violent now. It's their natural reaction to men with no nuts, so to speak. What kind of woman wants a guy who is just like "yes dear ok dear bend me over and spank me dear"? I make a conscious decision to be a manly man man.


Also, a lot of men now are too selfish to really protect a woman. I don't think people realize how their relationships could flourish just by adding a little more gonads initiative to their mental state.


So you don't think this has anything to do with the change in men?

What do you think has brought about this new behavior?


I kinda think it is that way too.

I do think the media does portray it as okay to push men around and that men are stupid, and also that a lot of men seem to be all emo these days.

I love a strong protective man.


Unconstrained by societal rules, we are all violent and we are more alike than different.

And there are 'pussies' everywhere.


Further, the men and women who hit each other are a product of each other. If you stay away from the trash and away from the booze induced chaos of clubs it is a non-issue.


I have never seen this type of behavior from women (punching guys etc). Not in clubs, anywhere.
it's wrong to hit anyone, unless you have to defend yourself from harm. (I think that was the point of the other thread, regardless of the attackers gender).
I'm not seeing that men are big pussies either. I mean some are and some aren't, but I'm not seeing an epidemic or anything.


I agree with men and women being pussies.

But I think this is new behavior.

Do you not think this is new behavior?

Do you think women have always slapped and punched men like this and just that maybe now it is more talked about?

It seems to be new to me.


I don't see men an women punching each other in my day to day life either.

I do see less than manly men, but that is mostly at work, not in my social life.

So why is it that men on this site seem to keep saying they are either attacked by women or their buddies are being attacked by women and they have all been victims of psycho women punching, kicking, slapping and spitting on them?


I have to disagree with you there. A agree that we are all violent in nature to a certain extent, but I think it is because of societal rules that men are becoming wimpier than usual. Same reason why kids are disrespectful to their parents without consequence, divorce rates are rising, etc.

Everyone's afraid of what "society" will offer them. If you spank your kid in public, all the sheep look at you like you're a monster and some will report you to CPS.

If you defend your woman in public, instead of being a good guy, you're now an "alpha male Lunatic" along with being called a nutjob, crazy. Because being non-confrontational is what's best riiight? Wrong.


You should take a trip to New York haha


It shocks me at how many kids will call CPS on their parents when they want to get back at them. Some children today are so savvy about the system. How does this happen?


Age and socioeconomic status. I do not see crack whores and homeless people giving blow jobs in an alley cause I dont go into those areas.


My oldest niece is like this. She makes the money, owns the house, and hands out the asskickings. She choses men based on her role in the house, not theirs. She likes her guys to be less than average intelligence, chemically dependent, marginally employed, and therefore- easy to manipulate.

I called her on it as cowardice. She does not like to have her authority challenged, and has created a scenario that allows her to completely control her boyfriends, and if they do try to challenge her in any way, she has a number of means to respond including violence.

Her choices and actions look exactly like the ones her mom (my sis) made when she was raising her. It's as if she is recreating a comfort zone of sorts according to what she saw as normal.

I see it as very unhealthy and lacking in a balanced perspective of what constitutes a healthy relationship. There is a whole assload of dysfunction happening there, but until the consequences of her actions outweigh the reward she seems to get from the situation, she isn't going to change.


I live about an hour away LOL.
But really, I work with a lot of gay guys, some are flaming so much it hurts my eyes, but this is the extent of unmanliness I see.
There are some douchebags in my gym but they are all like 15, the rest of the guys there look pretty masculine to me.
I just don't see it, maybe this is more prevalent in the states?