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Do you think it would be ok to do pushups in the morning and before bed everyday along with your training, cause im trying that now, or should i? I don’t mean pushups till failure or anything, just some pushups just to start your day, maybe build some endurance. Thanks.

sure. i used to do pushups every day. didn’t do anything to improve my strength, but it did build by endurance up in a hurry. plus its fun walking around with a pump all day.

dave tate uses extra workouts to help spped up recovery. its really no different han that as long as you don’t go to failure or over do it.

I was doing almost exactly the same thing a short time ago but now I have cut back because I believe it contributed to a shoulder injury.

Some background, I have been weight training for less than a year. I started doing 1 set of push-ups to failure every morning and quickly progressed from 12 to 50 by squeezing out 1 or 2 more reps every morning. When I reached 50 I changed to elevated push-ups, which seemed to be much tougher on my shoulders. Then I hurt my shoulder in the gym and had to stop doing them for about 2 weeks.

Now I am alternating between 1 set of 50 “standard” push-ups and 50 bodyweight squats each morning. I don’t plan on trying to increase the intensity or volume.

I viewed this as a way to get the motor started each morning and don’t pretend that it will improve my strength anymore than it already has or that I am burning a significant amount of calories. It has just become a habit.

Sounds like a good plan! I do them here and there for endurance purposes and the nice pump it gives. I also do something similar with chins. And this is a great way to get yourself up in the morning! Go for it.

Ya i figured it wouldn’t hurt, ever little bit could help. Thanks guys.

if you’re looking to imprve your endurance, i wouldn’t do pushups here and there–in the morning and a bit at night. try dropsetting them occasionally for part of a chest, back, and delt routing. i worked up to 1,000 pushups by doing a set of as many as i could with good form, stretching, drinking water, and then continuously repeating the cycle. you’ll build your endurance as well as fry your entire upper body, including your abs.