whats the difference between regular pushups vs triangle pushups vs slie pushups. im trying to absorb as much as i can so if your goign to teach teach thats what im looking for. whats each one benefit.

sorry my spellings not that good. I meant to type slide pushups, Im also wondering what role the inner and outer chest muscle plays in the once development of one’s chest area

triangle pushups will work the triceps harder regular pushups will work the chest and triceps, dont know anything about slie pushups

There’s no such thing as the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ chest

Check out CW’ Six Weeks to a bigger chest article for info on the slide.

well technically there is no inner and outer pectorials but there are specific exercises to work both inner and outer pecs. normal push-ups work your delts, triceps and outer pecs. as where triangle or diamond push-ups work your triceps harder and give the inside of your chest a better workout than normal push-ups

The areas of the chest worked also depends on where your hands are in relation to your chest. If you hands are shoulder width and at your shoulder, you are working shoulders. If you have your hands shoulder width and lower down towards your chest, you will work more chest.
Diamond (triangle) work triceps at shoulder level, but if you move your hand position lower you will also work a lot of sternal area of the pecs.
Before you jump into the slide pushup, I recomend simple wide hand placement pushups.