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Pushup Handles of Any Benefit?

I know you do sets of chinups and pressups in between work sets and was wondering what your opinion was of the decade or so long trend of people feeling it necessary to buy $40 dollar revolving pushup handles?

Is there any benefit whatsoever to using these? In my experience palm to floor pressups mean I get a wrist/forearm stretch that would improve my rack position and save $40 that i can spend on steak.

Handles are fine. I don’t know why you think you need to spend $40. They are cheap as fuck.

Do them however you want - it means nothing.

I would look at a Thrift store. In the very back, bottom box…lol $1

I just glanced on Amazon after seeing every fucker using them. They all seem to be about £15-32, thats like 40 bucks rights?

Not sure about that, have no idea what the conversion rate is these days. But seriously, where I live they are in every thrift store. I actually got mine free at a garage sale, the people were just trying to get rid if them. Don’t pay full price for something like this.

Do you prefer them to regular pushups?

No, not personally. I have very long arms and they do not work well for me.

Just hold on to a set of hex dumbbells or put a towel down and do them on your fists. Fist method will help build a bit of wrist stability too. Without having to bend your wrists back at an awkward 90 degree angle it’s also easier to keep your arms at more of an arrow shaped orientation instead of T shaped.

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I have never done a set of pushups and though “Boy I wish I would have paid money to do these”

If you are desiring an increased ROM like the handles provide just use some books or do them between chairs or something.

I use them at the station, other gym does not have any. If you get more out of handles, handle away.