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Pushpress question

I am at the point in weight progression where my wrists can longer bare the strain. I am currently doing 205 for 6 reps, and I am either barely making it through the sets or immediately afterwards cannot do a set of lateral raises with 20 lb. dumbbells because of the pain(currently implementing a heavy movement and then lighter isolation movement superset, somewhat akin to OVT). Prior to this point I had made it a point to explode with my legs as little as necessary to move the weight, putting the emphasis on delts, tris, chest and then fiercely opposing the weight as a super maximal negative. On the final set today I did a set emphasising more on the explosive portion of the lift and with a 1 second decent. These were obviously alot easier on the wrists; set duration was about half of my regular sets. So multiple questions then:

  1. How exactly do the majority of you perform your pushpress; less weight emphasising on the pressing portion and longer duration negative, or maximal weight with maximal explosion and less emphasis on the negative.
  2. Anyway to lessen the strain on the wrists? Hand positioning, wrist wraps, strengthening the wrists.

Thank you for any information in advance.

the way i do them is with an explosive movement up and then 2-3 second descent down, then as soon as i reach the stop point, i explode again. my wrists and my friends wrists hurt too. ive read here that straps are a good way to prevent the pain. i personally dont use them, but thats what other people have said in previous treads.

hope that helped.

i’d get some wrist wraps

I use wrist wraps from elite. they are diesel as hell.

1 min static stretches for flex and ext and then some light wrist curls/ext than wrap them up… try it out the stretching has really helped me.

Well, it all depends on what you’re training for. If you’re training for a sport or for general strength, use your legs more. If you’re training primarily for bodybuilding purposes, drop the weight and use more of your upperbody; that is, of course, if you are training with the intent of training your shoulders on that day. As for the pain, I typically use a thumbless grip on all lifts, however on push press I put my thumb around the bar and I’ve noticed a lot less pain. Hope that helps! Good luck and keep training hard!

Thanks for the info so far guys; I have been currently been using thumbless grip and I think that even though it is techincally an upperback/deltoid day I will probably start emphasizing the explosive portion of the lift. I haven’t trained in that manner for awhile now, and having just incorporated single arm snatches I find the explosive movements more enjoyable; and they really strain the target areas. I will probably pick up some wrist wraps before my next day.