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Pushing Up Weights Not Daisies

This is a fun bench workout for any age, but at 55 it is even more fun.

Tuesday April 12 and what a bench day. Well I started off with the standard bar for 12, stretch, 135 for 10 more stretching and check out who the watching females will be.

After the re con of the area I did sets of 5 with 215, 245, then 280. Next I put on my brand new bench shirt again and did a single with 320. It did not feel right, so we readjusted the shirt and I tried again wow. The bar came up faster than a meal at White Castle. So we cranked it up to 335.

This is the most I have tried since last May. It went up smoother than a kids greasy hand on a clean surface. Why is it the bench shirt removal only removes the good hairs, not the grey ones.

Next board presses, 5 boards and sets of 5 with 255, 285, and 300. I am feeling like a stud instead of an old board.

Then to the fast stuff. Sets of 20 reps 1 set each exercise. So in the incline dumbbell press with 60lbs, plate raise with a 45lb. plate. Then to the Icarian row machine where I did this thing. Set the weight at 100 and did underhanded rows, 10reps, rest 10 seconds, overhand rows 10 reps rest 10 seconds and palm facing row 10 reps. Enough to have rowed across Texas, maybe the panhandle.

Overhead cable extensions sets of 10 with 55, and 60. Then a set to fail with 65 and did 16 reps. My body is fried and not one woman said a word to me. My wife must have gotten to them.
Now to go home, feed my face and chase the wife around the house.