Pushing my 12 Week Cycle to 14 Weeks

I still have half a bottle of Test E left at 500mg/wk and thinking of extending my cycle. I feel good and still growing I think. I’m up from 90kg to 102kg. Had to get a new wardrobe of fuking clothes! So added 1500$ to this first cycle lol. The gear was cheap in comparison. But the way I fill out this henely long sleeve shirt makes it worth all the money. More attention from the ladies as well. Feels good man.

SO going for 14 weeks should be that big an issue right? My first cycle though and haven’t done any bloods during it. been taking .25 of armidex e3d. Feel good, blood pressure is decent as well.

There’s no reason not to extend it another two weeks. It’s perfectly fine as long as you keep doing what you did for the previous 12 weeks.

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Two weeks won’t hurt a thing. I would have done bloods pre and post cycle though


Next to HCT issues the only reason I have ever read about was the longer your boys are shutdown the harder they are to get started back up. Unless you are already on TRT.

If I was in your shoes and I was happy to extend then why not?

Yeah I’m going 14… can’t waste this magic in a bottle. I’m taking Proviron 50mg a day as well. Should I continue that for the two weeks after I stop test e leading to my PCT?