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Pushing Body, Without Killing It


So here's my situation.. I have nationals for wrestling in about one month and I am planning on making a huge upset and making the international U17 team. Essentially Im wondering what would be a good way to balence 14sessions of either cardio/wrestling/weights without burning out? 3 wrestling sessions would be Mon/Tues/Thurs for sure. Basically I've always been a believer of busting your ass, but is it overkill to train twice a day everyday. I think that it would make me a monster condition wise not to mention all the extra technical work wouldnt hurt. Tips? Suggestions? Warnings?

P.S - Despite the fact that I usually train quite hard and often, I dont lose weight....and i dont eat overly that much, what the hell?


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just throwing this out there maybe wed:upper-body compound movements, fri:rest, sat:lower body compound, sun:rest... although allowing protein and around 8-12 hours of asleep atleast daily.. or even wed- rest fri- body movements, sun-sat rest.


IMO if you have access to sauna, hot/cold showers and some type of whirpool you could do your workouts and as soon as you finish do the contrast baths.

The trick to not burn out is to keep the body recuperated and rehydrated as much as possible. Sleep is important. Other than these methods I know there are some drugs to help but it will interfere with your goals and I don't think you want to get disqualified.



How important do you think lifting weights really is in the final few weeks? Do you expect to actually gain strength in that time period? Perhaps just a couple of days of maintainence to make sure you don't back slide strength wise is all you need.

Focus more on your skills at this point.


I suggest exactly what zeb wrote "focus more on your skills". However, If you want more power and speed, I would consider doing plyometics or dynamic lifting for speed when you hit the weights. Then again, don't ignore your endurance when you lift. Try some high rep or static moves.

Squat Jump
Box Jumps
Tuck Jumps
Jump Rope
Explosive Push-ups

Push Press


Oh i know, very little of what I do will be actual "workouts" but it will be a lot of sprinting/cardio type sessions and a lot of wrestling sessions. Maybe weeks twice a week or even one a week, some big compound lifts to help preserve muscle.