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Pushing 11-T to Its Limits


Is 11-T worth $125 a bottle? I honestly don?t know. I bought some anyway. I am going to experiment with it and pushing the 11-T claims to its limits.

The idea behind 11-T is that is block cortisone in muscles and fat. This theoretically prevents the catabolism in muscles. Does 11-T prevent over training? My diet will be massive without going into to much detail I will be shooting for 1500 calories per meal, with 3 meals and an additional 1500-2000 calories coming from between meal eating and snacks. Total calories, 6500-7000 calories. Total protein should be high like 250-300 grams.

Notes about diet.
?dirty bulking? Cheese burgers, French fries, Chile ect. I will also be eating other things that are less dirty, eggs, vegetables, cottage cheese and milk. Probably wont drink any soda, that gives me indigestion which I don?t want. I plan to drink enough coconut and flaxseed oil to equal 900-1000 calories, each day. I plan to drink 4-6 whey protein shakes a day.

HRX 1-2 a day
Rhodiola rosea (Biotest brand) 4 a day 2 at a time.
Zinc, Magnesium
Cinnamon for first meal of the day and last meal of the day
Flax seeds.
B complex

Workout program.
Deadlift 3x3
Bench press 3x3
Dumbbell Shoulder press 3x10
Incline crunches 3x10
Leg lifts 3x10
Pull downs 3x3
Triceps pull downs 3x10
Rapid 10x10 (5 second break between sets) dumbell deadlift.

Day 2/9:
Squat 3x5
Incline press 3x8
Elbo planks 3x-
Side planks 3x-
Hammer Curls 3x10
Face pulls 3x10
Shrugs 3x10
Standing row 3x10

Day 3/10:
Bench press 3x8
Dumbbell flies 3x10
Pullups 3x-
Incline crunches 3x10
Leg lifts 3x10

Day 4/11:
Bent Over row 3x3
Incline press 3x8
Dumbbell shoulder press 3x10
Face pulls 3x10
Shrugs 3x10
Elbo planks 3x-
Side planks 3x-
Rapid 10x10 (5 second break between sets) leg press

Day 5/12:
Bench press 3x3
Pull downs 3x3
Incline crunches 3x10
Leg lifts 3x10
Triceps pull downs 3x10
Hammer curls 3x10

Day 6/13: Go to gym lift whatever I feel like.

Day 7/14: Day off

I will try to get some before and after pictures up, they might be a camera phone pictures. I will post day before, day 15 and day 20 (for recovery).


it all looks pretty intense man, good luck with the trial!

maybe keep a log?


B rocK, seriously?

I'll keep it jiggy with you, OP. The program doesn't look particularly well thought-through or difficult. Look at day 5, for example. You're doing 3x3 of the bench press and pulldowns, and then a low amount of high-rep filler exercises. Seriously, I don't know if I would bother turning up to the gym for 15 sets, only 6 of which are of big compounds. Just my two cents man, no offence.


6000-7000 cals and that little protein?

It's also recommended to get more carbs/protein during this time than fat. Obviously eating that many calories will get a lot of everything, but I'd up the protein.

What's your maintenance calories? I think you're over doing it, unless it actually takes you close to 6,000 to gain.

good luck, take some measurements


You are going to put on way too much fat. You have been warned.

(To Critics: This has nothing to do with the fact that OP is ingesting dirty foods, but rather because a 170lb student has no business consuming nearly double his maintenance requirements)


I hadn't realised just how far you were gonna push this.. You want to see if it will prevent overtraining? A good reference point for overtraining in 2 weeks:


Of course, I don't think you should go this hard, but this is what an overtraining program looks like. Anyway, if you're going for overtraining, wouldn't you take 11-T AFTER you overtrain, i.e. in the rest period?


My thoughts exactly.

OP, how do you plan on drinking 4-6 whey shakes a day and not surpass 250g from the shakes alone?

Choose one or the other. (Choose higher protein.)


I'm all for see how well 11-T will work on someone who's about the same height and weight as myself, but the rest of this experiment might need some work. It looks like you're basically working every major muscle group every day. Shoulders, Chest, and Back are worked every day. Why? Are you trying to hinder your results? What results are you wanting? Size? Strength? It just doesn't add up.


Sounds like a solid way to become a fat fuck. Your throwing a colossal load on a mini donkey with the hope it will perform like an ox. 7k and only 300g of protein? so only 1200 calories will be coming from protein?


On the diet, my maintenance is about 4000kcal. I currently get about 5000-5500 kcal a day and have been gaining solidly and consistently. I also only work out twice a week.

If I get fat, I get fat, ill burn it back off fast enough.


This is a diet plan I'd most likely see used for a multiple compound steroid cycle.

You are eating 5000 right now, making weight/muscle gains and you want to up that by another 2000 just because of 11-T?

I think you are overestimating what this product will do for you.


Seriously man, one supplement does not make that much of a difference. This is why the experienced guys around here always say "get your diet down 100%, get your training down 100%, and then you can talk supplements." You're purposefully throwing one of the two major components out the window, and the program is iffy at best.

Don't just pile shit into your mouth and when you gain too much bodyfat blame it on a "shitty supplement."


I didn't read 90% of that. When people make such massive posts, I rarely read them all. Unless it's someone on here that has been around for a while. Or if it's about boobs.




sarcastic about not reading all of everyones posts; but i didn't read all of the OPs' post. it just seemed like "i'm gonna eat a shitload, not calculate shit and take 11-t and lift a shitload and be massive!!!"

but i wasn't sarcastic about boobs, i never joke about sweet sweater cows.


That wasn't meant for you! The post before yours....

LOL, sweater cows.


Lol, I only skimmed it myself, but even a brief glance showed some surprising things. Here's the things I found strange:

8 caps of R. Rosea, for some reason

HRX.. Again, why?

Workouts seem really lazy. I'm cutting, and just got back from 16 sets of deadlifts and 12 sets of leg curls/extensions. These workouts are the sort of thing I'd have on a deconditioning week. In fact, I've used 3x3 to decondition before.

Not only are the workouts lazy, but each one is a random assortment of non-synergistic exercises.

The OP is 170 lbs on 6'1". OP, what's the deal with this? Do you feel experienced enough to design your own training program being this light?

Maybe the OP left some info out, e.g. he's also practicing martial arts every day while performing heavy-duty manual labour.. Which would explain a lot.


Today I start the program. Just applied 35 sprays of 11-T. 35 doesn't cover my body but, it will get absorbed anyway.

Edits. Rhodiola Rosea (Biotest brand) 2 a day 2 at a time.

I walk about 25-30 miles a week at my job.

Thigh 21 inches
Calf 13.5 inches
Bicept 11.5 inches (unflexed)
Bicept 14 inches flexed
waist at belly button 33 inches
Chest at nipples 40.5 inches
weight 170
height 6'1"
Max deadlift 405
Max Bench 215
Max squat 260


Your bicepts [sic] are that size but your maintenance is 4000kcal?


man, with that size of a diet....and starting at 6-0 and 170lbs...you better have a really fast metabolism or your gonna blow up like a godam balloon.

does everyones arm size change 2.5ish inches when they flex? i've never checked...but that seems like a lot.