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Pushharder, Now I Understand Why!


Some people don't just have a caveman mentality; they may actually carry a little relic of the Stone Age in their DNA.



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Yes, Europe and North West Asia are know for this. I thought this was common knowledge?


..it may have been suspected, but without evidence what can you do?


Rats. I could have sworn it was published somewhere. I'll have to try and find the source.


Some people still fuck neanderthals, I fail to see what this has to do with Push?


..short, stocky build, excess hair, high testosterone, prominent brow ridge, outdoors "Grizzly Adams"-type of man? Push is a prime example of a neanderthal/sapiens mix!


Well really, we all contain relics of the stone age, and older. We have genes that have been with us for hundreds of millions of years.

It was actually fairly conclusively known for a while that our ancestors inter-bred with Neanderthals; it was discovered a few years back that they share our allele of the FOXP2 gene as modern humans. So this is more great evidence to confirm that. Interestingly the fact that they had the same FOXP2 gene too indicates that they may have had speech.


Something is very fishy here. The methodology is suspect, and the conclusions do not mesh with what we know about Y haplotype and mitrochondrial DNA. For example:

Nature 404, 490-493 (30 March 2000) | doi:10.1038/35006625; Received 15 November 1999; Accepted 31 January 2000

Molecular analysis of Neanderthal DNA from the northern Caucasus

Igor V. Ovchinnikov1,2,3, Anders Götherström4, Galina P. Romanova, Vitaliy M. Kharitonov6, Kerstin Lidén4 & William Goodwin1

Human Identification Centre, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland, UK
Institute of Gerontology, Moscow 129226, Russia
Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Institute of Archaeology, Moscow 117036, Russia
Institute and Museum of Anthropology, Moscow State University, Moscow 103009, Russia
Present address: Department of Medicine, Columbia University, New York, New York 10032 USA
Correspondence to: Correspondence and requests for material should be addressed to W.G. (e-mail: Email: w.goodwin@formed.gla.ac.uk).

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The expansion of premodern humans into western and eastern Europe 40,000 years before the present led to the eventual replacement of the Neanderthals by modern humans 28,000 years ago1. Here we report the second mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis of a Neanderthal, and the first such analysis on clearly dated Neanderthal remains.

The specimen is from one of the eastern-most Neanderthal populations, recovered from Mezmaiskaya Cave in the northern Caucasus2. Radiocarbon dating estimated the specimen to be 29,000 years old and therefore from one of the latest living Neanderthals3. The sequence shows 3.48% divergence from the Feldhofer Neanderthal4.

Phylogenetic analysis places the two Neanderthals from the Caucasus and western Germany together in a clade that is distinct from modern humans, suggesting that their mtDNA types have not contributed to the modern human mtDNA pool. Comparison with modern populations provides no evidence for the multiregional hypothesis of modern human evolution.


I've known this since the first time I saw this guy.


I will take this claim seriously when National Geographic or Scientific American take it seriously.

Did anyone else think it sounded suspicious that they found as much Neanderthal DNA in people from China & Papua New Guini as people from France? I doubt these genes they are looking at are descended from Neanderthals.


If you need a model of possibility: