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Pushharder, Are You a Christian?


Time for a call out. I've read old boys description in his hub,read many of his posts....and want to ask simply,PushHarder are you a Christian? You have used the f word umpteenth times,argue,belittle,etc... I am wondering despite the story of your conversion,if think you're actually a christian? Are you preaching the gospel or some other sort of fleshly egoistic nonsense? Confusion


What prevents a Christian from using the word fuck?

What prevents a Christian from arguing?

Does belittling a fool void one's salvation?

He is no Jehovah's Witness, that much is certain. Do you consider Jehovah's Witnesses to be the standard by which Christians should be judged?

Why do you care?


I was going to start a "confusion, are you an imbecile?" thread but it seems this one has killed two birds with one stone.



feel free. It will suit your avatar


Christian =/= pussy.

The Bible if full of raunchy stuff.

The Bible is full of arguments.


My memory's a little hazy, doesn't Jesus straight up go gansta on some Temple employees?


1.being a christian
2. the bible.
3. maybe
4. no
5. If christians at like assholes,who wants to be one?

Not that anyone gives a shit,but i am an athiest that was wavering some. Trying to talk with christians on here cured me of it,at least for now. That's why i care


Remember, that for all the WWJD people, that includes throwing tables and chasing people with a whip.

Jesus was not an outright pacifist. Most of his teachings on violence and resistance are more complicated than most people realize.


Good gravy.

I have seen some really stupid PWI threads since I came here, but this might top them all.


My memory gets hazy at times too, but I seem to recall watching a movie where Jesus had to bust up an entire bar full of rowdy oil rig workers and ended up bringing down an entire multinational energy corporation, killing dozens in the process.


I didn't know Steven Seagull was considered Jesus in New England??


The JW guy and me were 2 of the posters with the polite input. Maybe its ok to be a rude jerk in countless threads. I'm not the judge. I just don't get the meanness and ego. I will take the thread down if possible.


1.) No
2.) No
3.) No
4.) So do all people of all walks of life.

Sounds like you were really sitting on the fence...


I won't wade into the rest of the foray here, but that last statement is bizarre. If you base your decision about how members of a religious belief or philosophy act, from a small sample on an anonymous message board, you're doing yourself a very large intellectual disservice.

T-Nation's e-community is hardly a representative sample of the world population, so I personally find it odd that anyone would base his or her decision on how or what to believe off of the perceived behaviors of a few posters on a message board, because it should be a far deeper philosophical conversation, with yourself first and foremost, than that.


My bad. It is easy to confuse the two. Long hair, badass, gentle but firm, no real character flaws.


Oh, absolutely. Thank goodness God saw fit to give Chuck Norris golden locks or we'd be in a real predicament.


thanks for the help. I think i have my philosophy figured out for the most part,sort of an existential thing i won't get into. still, every few years,i feel compelled to find people loving god and eachother. I need that proof to know its real. I must see christ in people,so to speak, i keep failing,even tho i look all around. Now even on line. This particular glance was a sad event for me. There are some Christians here who need to get saved and live the christians life. No one like a phoney christian,well maybe someother phoney christioans. Gotta go,enuf time wasted.


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Yes, Push is a fucking Christian...geeez.