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One-armed pushups are fun too along with putting weight in a ruck and doing weighted pushups. Great practice for IADs for when you need to get up from prone quickly with a ruck on and do a 3-second rush

My friend actually told me a story like this a couple of years ago. I said it couldnt be done and I tried it it was very good form and very little use of momentum from hip movement. I slammed my chin into the hardwood floor and still have a small scar there.

[quote]LarryJr wrote:
Not sure how many he could do, but a friend of mine can do something amazing to me. One day on his cement driveway, he did a bunch of pushups. The amazing part is that with each one he would clap his hands BEHIND his back. He wasn’t throwing his body up real high either. He was just extremely fast. I would smash my face on the cement![/quote]