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Push-ups, Pull-ups, Trap Bar Deadlifts



Trap Bar Deadlift 295x1


pushups 1x60
pullups 1x14


I kind of like this. I’ll be following to see how it goes.

Any method to your madness?


Hey Billy,

Im in. your program consists of my favourite exercises.

Are you on any particular program/schedule? What type of progression are you doing?




Trap Bar Deadlift 315x1

Thanks for the replies. Most of my training is centered around athletic movements (sprinting, jumping, throwing, tumbling). But once a week I’m going to do either a set of pushups and pull-ups or a set of trap bar deadlifts as a test to make sure my training is improving my general strength and muscle endurance. I’m not following any set progression, just going to try to go up a little every time I test.



Pushups 1x65
Pullups 1x15



Trap Bar Deadlift 335x1


Mr Hayes,

Have you ever considered increasing the frequency of your workouts? And maybe even adding a little volume?



The Bird

I haven’t considered increasing frequency or volume. My goal at this time is to improve my athletic ability so most of my training involves calisthenics, tumbling, running, jumping and throwing. I’m doing the deadlifts and push/pull-ups to test my general strength and muscle endurance just to make sure my main training sessions are improving those qualities. Thanks for following!


Pushups 1x70
Pullups 1x14