Push-ups in addition to workout?

I’m 20 yrs old
5’ 11" 170lb 15.5%bf

I just started the westside for skinny bastards program, i was wondering if it’s ok to do sets of 20 pushups around the house throughout the day, in addition to my workout.

secondly, i did my upper body max day yesterday and i felt great, but today im not sore. i only did a 3 rep max of 95/135/155/165. i don’t know if i ever push myself enough to get my max higher.

OH yeah, this new gym that im going to doesnt have glut ham raise or reverse hyperextension. i asked about those during the little tour that he gave me, he immediately mocked me saying, “oh you into louie simmons, he’s unorthodox.” i think he was suprised that a skinny bastard like me knew about louie simmons kind of workouts. so im using the free 2 week stint and finding a different gym.