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Push ups for power

I just read Chad Waterburys article on devloping explosive strength by doing push-ups. This was an cool article with some interesting concepts that I plan to employ…but I have some questions. I only have one day a week that I can train chest, and my question I have is when should I use the protocol he prescribes. I currently train chest using 3-4 movements for 6-9 reps X 3 sets using a 3-1-1-1 tempo. I like this protocol and want to continue using it for a little while longer. Should I train using the explosive push-ups on an off day when doing back, legs etc…or should I do them before doing my routine. Also, will this be advantageous…using my main routine for hypertrophy and the push-ups for speed/explosive power concurrently. Basicaly I’m trying to avoid overtraining and maximize strength and hypertrophy. Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

i believe he covered that in the article. or either i dreamed it.

You could do the routine the same day as you do your regular chest routine or you could do it on another day. If you do it the same day then do the pushups first…It will serve to fire up your nervous system and shouldn’t cause too much muscular fatigue in preparation for your hypertrophy work. Similar to doing sets of jump squats or olympic pulling type movements prior to doing lower body hypertrophy work the neural stimulus generally allows you to recruit more muscle fiber in your hypertrophy sets. If you decide to do the routine on another day this is fine…just make sure that you allow 48 hours recovery before hitting the same muscle groups again. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re currently only training chest once per week.

Thanks for the help Kelly…