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Push-Ups Best For Chest?


I'm just wondering what kind of push-ups do you think are the best for the chest? The one's I was thinking of were incline?, decline?, on a ball? etc. So what kind of push-ups are the best for the chest?


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I have seen some pvc sections that go on the floor as "handles" for greater range-of-motion, my guess is that those would be best for the chest.

You can also target the stabilizer muscles very well by using two medicine balls, one under each hand, and do pushups that way. Makes it a whole body workout, using your hams/core as well.

You could also get some power rings (search on the site) and do pushups/dips that way.... actually, I think dips would be much better than pushups in general. Consider behind-the-back dips, if nothing else.

Another interesting thing to try, uneven pushups using a medicine ball under one hand.

Are you unable to get into a gym or what? Obviously there are a lot of weighted exercises that will beat pushups by a long-shot. How experienced are you?


don't do push ups, push ups SUCK!

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Ah, come on Mr Push Ups, love you or hate you, you appear to be a significant source of knowledge in relation to push ups.


Seriously, this thread is the reason you were put on this earth. No go forth and respond, you know you want to.


The ones where you're lying on a bench with an olympic bar in your hands pushing up 45's are the only ones worth doing.

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Pushups are far superior to benching. When you bench, you're lying down, for crissakes! How many situations in life mimic that? Sure, benching will make you bigger/stonger but its mostly 'phony' strength. I have fought many opponents in TKD whom you could tell had been benching but didn't do pushups -- they are often so uncoordinated, its laughable.

The secret to pushups is to do them throughout the day. Do a set every couple of hours while awake.

Benching DOES have merits if you do your pushups. Incorporate heavy reps, 3 or less, into the pushups. This will increase punching power; but if benching is all you do, you'll just be a big and strong uncoordinated oaf.


I've always thought the same, but I like working out with weights, deadlifts, squats, olympic lifts. However, I didn't know if you could go into further detail with your statement that when something like...you get more coordination with push-ups.


since Mr. Pushups gets bullied...
Well, for me actually push ups where your hands are elevated (you don't need those fancy "handles", two 10 inch piles of books will do just fine) worked best.
Place your feet up as well,a bit higher than your hands.
The pump is always great after doing a few sets.
Start with 4 sets of 20 and work up to 10 sets of 50 reps. Vary speed, grip and hand placement every here and then.
One handed PUs are also great, but are, in my opinion no candidates for regular training. Almost no one I know can do them correctly. If you want to try, you should be either a solid bencher or be able to do lots of pushups. Also, your core muscles must be in shape - you have to squeeze them hard to make decent Onearmers. Try to take the pushing arm not to high. Begin with minimal ROM as a isometric exercise, increase it with every session a bit.

Some more important PU-variations:

hand clasp PUs
from handstand to pushup transition


I agree with the above 3 posts. I don't have the energy to fight the naysayers today. I think i'll do 5 sets of 100 push ups today instead.


Depending on you're weight it may be perfectly possible to do 1 arm pressups as a mainstay of your workout. I'll admit, I'm a member of the uberlight brigade


I switched my training to a powerlifting focus 4 years ago, but I can tell you that if I wanted to focus on building pec size, or hypertrophy at all, I would start with pushups with my hands elevated a few inches. You can use a band around your back and through your hands to change the load.


wouldn't do pushups really...incline and decline dumbbell bench with a limited range of motion, not going past half way up (heavy like 10x3)

and lots of cable flyes on a stability ball (lots of volume like 5x15)


Alright thanks for the help. I was asking because I've been doing different things throughout the day along with working out. At my house i don't have a pull-up bar so I was doing pull-ups everytime after I went to the bathroom on my bathroom door. It's worked amazingly well, as my lats have jus blown up(not that I didn't have any lats before, they've just gotten that much larger) and now I'm planning on doing the same for chest, with push-ups.


oh and somethin i learned from elitefts

don't do pushups...do "jack me ups"

(pushups with chains on your back)

They're BRUTAL


He's right, and a genius.

there's almost nothing you can't do with a push up to be effective.

Try this and see how well it works for you.

Try doing 4 sets every day. Spaced throughout the day.

Weighted push ups- backpack full of weights
& between chairs with your feet elevated up on a table.

If you want the best exercise for the chest. I have it. It's a variation of a slide push up.

I do mine with a weighted back pack & use dumbbells to roll or "slide" with

This is an upside down fly, and using both the pressing and fly movements at once. Its an extremely heavy inverted fly. There is no better exercise for hypertrophy than this one.

Naysayers take a hike.


If you're going to do pushups, I say heavy weighted ones. If you have no weight, there's ways to decrease leverage to make the pectorals work harder. For example, move your hands closer to the waist and do pushups like that.

Of course, there's no be all, end all exercise, but weighted pushups are good. I do 'em every so often. Right now my main focus is bench and deadlift numbers though, but occasionally I'll drop down and do a few reps with some weight. One word of caution... don't let the weights slide towards your head and then fall ONTO your head.... It hurts... DOH!


push-ups really aren't great for chest-development. However, if this is an issue of lack of equipment, I'd say do one-arm push-ups if you are able.