Push-ups and Posture

Since push ups are a pushing movement do they have the same potential to cause similar postural issues like to much benching could if not balanced out with a pull/rowing movement? It seems like they are talked about a lot for fixing shoulder and posture despite the movement plane; is this because the scapula is not in a fixed position/ Thanks

What you said plus: Unless you find some way to add additional resistance you don’t have much chnace of creating an imbalance doing pushups. Remember a push up is strength wise roughly equivalent to bench pressing 60% of your body weight, so for example if you weight 200 pounds, doiong pushups is like bench pressing 120 pounds. Unlike bench pressing 300+ pounds, which could create an imbalance, there is very little chance of creating an imbalance doing pushups with such low resistance (your body weight).

And doing very high repetitions of pushups will likely not create an imbalance, because that is more of an endurance exercise than a strength exercise and will not create a large strength imbalance between your pushing and pulling muscles.

Fianlly, why would you not do an equal amount of pullups/chinups to keep a balance if you are only going to do bodyweight exercises anyways?

A push up IS NOT a bench.

to name a few differences…
-In push up u work on the muscles that retract ur scapula, as well as hitting the abs & oblique.
-push ups and it variations are used to fix scapular winging etc.
–the bench makes it worst (especially if u flare ur elbows).

NO you should not “match” 1 pullup-to-1 push up. In a pull up more weight is involved and the ROM is longer too.

I recommend you do BOTH bench & pushups.