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Push Ups and Muscle Mass?

Just out of curiosity can someone gain muscle mass by doing push ups on a daily basis?
For example, if someone did 100 push ups a day, everyday or at least 5 days a week, would they gain muscle mass?

I’m not asking for myself or anyone, I enjoy lifting weights and the progress with it, but I’m just curious.

Well, it wouldn’t decrease muscle mass lol. If you could do 100 at once i’m sure it would help with conditioning.

If you had a solid chest routine already and you did this im sure the increased use of the chest muscles would make your chest “puff out” a bit more. It would probably dissipate once you stopped doing it though because there isn’t any weight progression.

If they were not very developed, then sure. But K-man is right, it just gets to be a lot of conditioning


just do that if you like doing pushups