Push-Up While Dealing w/Shoulder Pain

I have been having shoulder trouble for quite some time. It started with pain mostly during dips, but now effects so many upper body exercises for pushing it is downright depressing. I will be getting this checked out. In the meantime, I am still trying to train the best I can. The only chest exercise that does not seem to bother the shoulders are push-ups, although I have yet to try bench partials in the rack and/or floor presses.

I have always wondered why push-ups do not irritate shoulders as much as pressing while lying on your back does. Would this indicate pain to a specific area to the rotators/shoulders? Or just a generally safer exercise. Either way, I wish there was a quick fix for this shoulder trouble. Hopefully gains lost will be minimal.

I laid off benching when my shoulder started to hurt. Did pushups for a whole month which made my shoulder feel better and i came back stronger. If pushups dont hurt you shoulder do them.

Best part about pushups is if you relax your shoulder blades you will automatically retract them all the way.
Or if i dont wanna do pushups i attach blast straps to a cable column and do a standing press.

The reason why i think having your back against something is worse for shoulders is because the shoulder blades are prevented for going thru a more natural range of motion.

Do what doesnt hurt its better than nothing

If it started with your triceps, try to do some soft tissue work with a foam roller/ lax ball, as well as stretching. I find this is the most common cause of pain in this movement.

Bro don’t ignore the pain, its your body telling you something is wrong… you cant “push through” because your body will just adapt and force you to do things incorrectly… The proper response is to go see a good physio and put in some hard work at rehab. When you get back to the gym you will be better than new. You will almost certainly regret not taking this advice :slight_smile: im speaking with experience here with a few injuries. OK cheers man