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Push-up Record?

Those aren’t pushups but who cares… that girl appears to be having the time of her life. This video is super old but I just came across it again… in case yall haven’t seen it

Way more win than expected.

I think she came…

He forgot to cut a hole in bench to stick cock through…

Look at 1:10, She looks like she’s in the early phases of pregnancy…

I love spanish TV. Hot women…always.

How are those pushups?


id father her children.

Paddy Doyle did 1,500,230 in a single year. Minoru Yoshida did 10,507 non-stop.

[quote]TheBodyGuard wrote:
I love spanish TV. Hot women…always.[/quote]

Latin American TV is the one with the hot chicks. Spanish TV is a bunch of transvestites.

[quote]JonEightPackGuy wrote:
Minoru Yoshida did 10,507 non-stop.[/quote]

That’s one every second for three hours.

I bet he’s small.

[quote]andrew_live wrote:
I think she came…[/quote]