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Push-Up Pain in Traps/Upper Back

i recently started doing pull-ups and after doing 3 I started feeling pain in my upper back and neck area… I rested for a few days and switched to lat pulldowns and feel fine pushing hard on pulldowns. However since this incident when I do push ups I feel pain in my Traps and upper back area (not while doing it but after)… not sure what is going on… any advice?

Stop doing push ups.

On a serious note, what does your overall training routine look like?

Make sure you’re using proper form and not trying to jerk your body up when performing pull-ups.

You may have just pulled a muscle in your neck and you’re now feeling the effects in other movements.

do you stretch or warm up before you work out?

Yes, I warm up, normally 5min on the bike, 10 body weight squats and some light stretching…

I stick to mostly compound movements, lots of squats, deadlifts, Bench press…I’m doing full body workouts at the moment. Oddly enough only push ups bother me.

As for pulling the muscle in my back, its been a few weeks now, i laid off the push ups for a while and the pain still comes back when I do them again.

I do not intend to attempt pullups again until I can lat pulldown my body weight.

Any advice aside from not doing push ups?

have you tried to do push ups kneeling down?try it and see if it pains.if it does then i suggest you go to a doctor,if it doesnt then i think you just need to gradually move from kneeling push ups to the regular ones.

Try scapular pushups in the pushup position and scapular retractions and push downs on the dip bar.

Make sure you scapula are set in place when both doing pull-ups and push-ups. They should be squeezed down and back. Make sure your chin is tucked and your not reaching with your face but that your head is forced back.

I used to get something similar in the upper back. I got rid of it by strengthening that area by doing machine rows. Maybe that will help you?