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Push Up Help

Hey there,

I have a contest coming up with a friend, to see who can do the most push ups and pull ups. Whats the best way to train for this, I can do only about 25 pushups and 9 pull ups, and have a week to prepare.



When I was in the service I was doing 102 regulation pushups in under 2 minutes. I LOVE pushups. (Although hated doing them at the time… Seems my CO loved droppin’ me on site to see how many I could do. I never should have smoked him on the PT test in front of his XO, heheh)

The “Drop and Gimme 100!” program rocked when I last did it. Nearly doubled my pushup max after being out of the Infantry for years. :slight_smile:

The concept for both of these is that you max out on Monday (or whatever day you start) and then do the set relative intensity in the named time intervals from when you get up in the morning to when you go to bed. (having a door at work is a plus, heheh)
So if you max at 100 on Monday, on 30% days, you’ll do 30 pushups every X minutes.

Here you go:


Week 1
Day Intensity Set Freq.
Mon (max) 30% 60 min
Tue 50% 60 min
Wed 60% 45 min
Thu 25% 60 min
Fri 45% 30 min
Sat 40% 60 min
Sun 20% 90 min

Week 2
Day Intensity Set Freq.
Mon (max) 35% 45 min
Tue 55% 20 min
Wed 30% 15 min
Thu 65% 60 min
Fri 35% 45 min
Sat 45% 60 min
Sun 25% 120 min

Week 3
Monday Max



Week 1
Day Intensity Set Freq.
Mon (max) 40% 60 min
Tue 50% 30 min
Wed 70% 45 min
Thu 40% 60 min
Fri 80% 60 min
Sat 55% 90 min
Sun 20% 90 min

Week 2
Day Intensity Set Freq.
Mon (max) 90% 120 min
Tue 45% 60 min
Wed 20% 10 min
Thu 65% 90 min
Fri 75% 60 min
Sat 30% 90 min
Sun 15% 120 min

Week 3
Monday Max

Your max will go up and you'll definately notice a diff in your arms and chest.  Not to mention you'll have a nice pump most of the day and have that good burn going.

I don't do too much lifting when I do these, but I keep my cardio and ab work strong.

Hope you can use it.

choyt is right on the money…and if he could can do 100 in 2 min he is our resident pushup stud.

Wanna get better at pushups? Do pushups, lots of them…often. Same with pullups.

There’s a tried-and-true pushup program you see in all 4 services…basically doing them all day long. 25 an hour for example (do 25 at the top of every hour).

choyt’s recommended program looks solid.

Good luck dude. Let us know how you do.

choyt! That is the coolest program I’ve seen in awhile! Thanks!

Seems it would work with all kinds of exercises…


Pull-ups or Chin-ups will hit the muscles the Push-ups miss and help to balance out the shoulders.

Push-ups don’t do much, if anything, for strength but do tremendous things for shoulder endurance. Which is why they are a long time fav of the military.


Thanks guys thats surely motivating. Will let you know how it goes…