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Push Up Form (Vid)

Trying to work on scapula winging and controlling it during the push up. How do these look form wise?

Nice tempo. And I like that your spine is nice and straight, compared to looking forward at the wall.

What’s annoying is that you adjust after every rep. I’m sure that’s not how you usually perform your worksets, but I think part of a good push up is having the ability to perform the subsequent rep(s) while maintaining form. So maybe another cool vid of you performing 10 or 20 in a row for the future. With that said, looks like you need to brace your abs. Your ass is piked up, which is directing a lot of weight to the lower back.

It’s harder to feel doing push ups on flat ground, but once you try it on oly rings, the core weakness will be very apparent. I personally prefer the hands closer… placed just outside the shoulder at the very bottom of the push up. I see you’re definitely putting effort into tucking the elbows in… but you can tuck it more.

What’s annoying is that you adjust after every rep- I agree.

I think that your lower body is actually a little high. You should be able to draw a straight line between ankles and shoulders pretty much…wheres your legs and back are at a bit of an angle.

Try going straight from 1 rep to the second without the slight pause where you are re-adjusting. I’ve seen a lot worse form over the years though :wink:

I guess I would question what you are trying to accomplish with these push ups … I agree good form is important, but the constant adjustments and excessively slow tempo make me question what your goal with them is …

I love push ups and do them pretty much daily - but they are a muscle endurance movement, with carryover to strengthening the stabilizing muscles of the torso … I’ve found them to be a good way to get more lower stress volume in for the upper body as well

Don’t over think them … Just do your best to keep your body in a straight , rigid line and bend your arms until your chest touches the ground, then push back until your arms are straight and back at the starting position - pretty simple. Change your hand position to close or wide for a few sets, or don’t … Form doesn’t have to be textbook perfect every rep, and I’d venture to say that you are better off doing sets of 10-15+ “good” push-ups than you are 3-4 “perfect” ones …

Looks alright! I’d agree that the tempo and adjustment after every rep is kind of troubling. My brother had to do “proper” push-ups for his police force exam, their version is to keep your body completely straight, keep your elbows tucked in, kind of like a close grip bench, then go all the way down, touch your nose and nothing else to the ground, then come back up. Pause at the top and bottom for a second each. Maybe give that a try? I definitely found them harder.