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Push-up Challenge Brought up at Work


Here it is,
start out in push up postion do 1 push up go into standing position arms above head(kinda like a burpee)
go down do 2 push ups go back up to burpee position
go down do 3 push ups and back up
challenge is to get to 20 total pushups on the last set.
Anyone ever tried anything like this?

Tried and failed miserably btw.


That's over 200 pushups. No shame in not being able to do that. Going to a top set of 15 seems much more reasonable, but still very difficult.


This looks cool.I'll try it tommorow evening and see how badly I fail by ha.


that kinda sounds like the texas pushup challenge except you only go to 10 in that one and you're supposed to do it with no more than 1-2 seconds between "sets"


It is kinda the same touch chest to floor with each pushup then go into burpee and immediatly back down, When I got to that 7 or 8 set of pushups, I hit a wall.


as a cyclist, using all my strength on the bike, i still do a few exercises, mainly bodyweight, so you get strong, but stay the same weight..my energy needs to be focused on the bike.. the bit of energy i have left goes into deadlifts, presses, tons of dips and pushups.. with a few other gymnastic movements..

anyway, my buddy stew smith @ stewsmith.com has plenty challenges and workouts on his site.this one mentioned sounds like one of them.

try this workout the OP posted, but go up to 20, then back down...i think i rest 10 seconds max after each rep... i get up, shake my arms out then get back down and go... very tough..

very inpressive to bench 400, but also impressive to do a ladder workout like this..
up and down..