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Push-Up Bikinis for Kids


Abercrombie Kids is selling push up bikini tops for kids. This is the "prostitot" type of training that TC has been harping about in his Atomic Dog articles. Little girls today are already developing breasts and beginning their periods at younger ages due to obesity and the hormones in foods. Marketing is pushing this youth sexuality thing too far.

Too much? Push up bikini tops for kids

By: Katrina Schaefer
PHOENIX - Are we asking our girls to grow up too quickly?

Abercrombie Kids is selling â??push up" bikini tops on its website.

Do the girls who shop Abercrombie Kids really need to worry about push up tops?

The tops can be seen on the brandâ??s website Wednesday morning and sell for $24.50.

Here is a link to the Abercrombie Kids website picturing the tops



so down


hahaha! oh you evil man.

May you be blessed with many daughters.



after this past 'spring break' in panama city, i'm NEVER having daughters. if so, they are becoming nuns


I saw the pics of you "Princes of the Universe."

still, gypsy curse and all that, daughters for HolyMac! =)

But you would probably scare the bejeezus out of any guy picking them up for a date.


My cousins are all like 10-11 year-old girls and they're fluent in sexual innuendo. Their favorite songs are the kind of shit I only hear at clubs that are all about fucking and getting hammered.

For context I think back to myself as a ten year old when all I ever thought about was trying to make Wolverine blades come out of my knuckles and whether or not I would some day be able to fly.


I worked for Toys R Us way back when and on their song tracks they played "It's the Right Time of the Night for Making Love" and Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now." How inappropriate is that?

I was clueless until junior high probably and then I only knew because my brother and his friends were really awful about girls. Kept me a virgin until I was 20yrs old.


I have a six year old daughter and clothes shopping is hellish already without adding push-up bikinis. I cringe every time summer comes around. You would not believe how god damned short the shorts/skirts are. And then you have the half shirts and off the shoulder tanks. Oh and heels. Yes. Little girls' sandals now all have heels. WTF?


i am so glad I have a boy...


FINALLY!!! pic related



obvi pics related is obvi


and to be serious for a second..

i think shows like jersey shore and performers like ke$ha who glamorize taking boys home for ONSs are actually doing more damage than the clothing styles. they are the things creating the desire for clothes like that.




I have no idea what ONSs is or are.

I would agree with you that glamorizing a behavior is going to encourage impressionable minds to emulate that behavior.


one night stand(s)

lol dammit OG


I am old ok!!!! I don't speak acronym!


Like I said before and will say again.

The new generations to come are doomed.


I'm confused. Little girls don't have anything to push up! What age is this marketed towards again?


Hope you used some protection! :wink: March + 9 months....

A friend of mine had twin girls. I told him he must have been a hell of a douchebag in his youth to earn that karma! :smiley: