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Push The Feeling On

Started training a year ago. Didn’t know what i was doing until February. Went on a cut… Then a bulk in March, on which I gained like 8 kg (ate WAY too much, including total crap like ice-cream). Then back to a cut… Was all done by September, but gained like 6/7 kg in a couple of weeks.

Now, I’ve cut down to a pretty slim 71 kg (not that cut, but hey, it’s starting to get very mentally challenging for me to cut at this point, plus I don’t think I can get any more “cut” since there’s not much to cut TO!). Gonna go on a lo-ong bulk to at least 80kg.

Experience shows that I don’t react very well to carbs, so I’m going to stick to 1 carb meal on workout days, 2 carb meals on non-workout days. I’m also thinking of implementing “control days,” as per Thibaudeau.

The program I’m going to use for the first 7 weeks is Stripped Down Hypertrophy. 3 weeks on/ 4 days off, then 3 weeks on/ 4 days off again. Not quite sure where I’m going to go from there…

Anyway, for the log!

Breakfast - 2 whole eggs/2 egg whites w/ 15 grams of coconut oil. Some tomatoes and cucumbers with apple vinegar.
Brunch - 200 g of low-fat farmer’s cheese, scoop of Metabolic Drive, tsp olive oil.
Snack - Kefir, 350 mg
Lunch - 150 g of beef + tomatoes/cucumbers/onion
Pre-workout (1 hour out) - scoop of Metabolic Drive, tbsp avocado oil, might have a plum or something, too.
Para-workout - 40g of BCAA’s
Post-workout - SURGE
Dinner - more meat, light vegetable soup, and I’ll probably throw in some fibrous bread with hummus in there, too, since I’ll probably want some slow-burning carbs post-workout.

Planned Training for Today: (I haven’t trained for about 10 days, and Stripped Down Hypertrophy has pretty small rest periods, so going light for the first 2 training sessions)

Chin-ups with red or blue bands… haven’t decided yet. Will probably start with blue and go on to red if these don’t offer enough resistance.
Military Press, 36 kg
Good Mornings, 36 kg. I usually bend my knees a bit on good mornings… Should really work on that.

Bench Press, 75kg
Bent-Over Dumbell Row, 29.5kg (each hand)
Squats, 95 kg

Note: I might actually replace the back squats with front squats. Or replace the good mornings with deadlifts and find some other exercise for my quads… Reason is, back squat works my glutes more than my quads and my ass will get out of control with good mornings AND back squats.

Best of luck my friend! Just try to eat as clean as possible.

WOW. Front Squats are BRUTAL. I did them in the first half of my work out and they DEMOLISHED ME! Barely made it to the second half, and I thought the last exercise would kill me!

Chin-ups, blue bands. 4x10
Military Press, 36 kg, 4x10
Front Squats, 50kg, 4x10

Bench Press, 76 kg, 5, 5, 3, 3, 1.
Bent-Over Dumbell Row, 29.5kg, 5, 5, 5, 3, 3
Good Mornings, 56kg, 5, 5, 4, 5, 3

Weight up 1.5kg, to 72.5kg today. Probably extra food in my gut and intestines. On a sidenote, BCAA’s are the SHIT. Despite having a tough workout yesterday, I hardly have any DOMS today. Usually, after taking a 10-day break, I’d be hurting all over the place. I’d also have to take a day off after starting a new program, but I’m actually gonna sarge on and do day 2 today!


Chin-ups + 5kg
Military Press, 55kg
Front Squats, 75kg

Bench Press, 50kg
Row, 19.5 kg
Good Mornings, 37kg

Breakfast - 1 whole egg/4 egg whites w/ 15 grams of coconut oil. Light veggie stew w/ carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, and tomatoes.
Brunch - 200 g of low-fat farmer’s cheese, scoop of Metabolic Drive, 2x tsp olive oil.
Lunch - 150 g of lean turkey sausage + tomatoes/cucumbers/onion salad
Pre-workout (1.5 hours out) - Mango. Might have some keffir again if I feel like it.
Para-workout - 40g of BCAA’s
Post-workout - SURGE
Dinner - still undecided.

Light veggie soup
Light veggie stew
~150g chicken breast
40g rye bread
Grilled Pumpkin

50kg bench 4x10
19.5kg rows 4x10
30kg good mornings 4x10

Military Press: 52.5kgx3, 51x2, 3, 50x 3,4,2
Chins: 5kgx 5,5,4,3,3
Front Squat: 5,5,4,4,5

Ugh… Absolutely gruelling 2nd half of the workout. Think I picked my weights a bit too heavy, and some DOMS did kick in mid-workout, but I did the best I could.

My dinners are looking to be pretty huge, since they’re my post-workout meal. I wonder if this is okay? They’re usually quite light.

On another note, I gained another 2.5 kilos. Think I’m up to 75 or so now. Funny, I’ve only been bulking for 2 days! Well, FUCK IT, time to push the feeling on :). Gonna take some measurements on the weekend.

Ugh… Feeling tired today. I was actually OK when I woke up, even though I’d slept than I had hoped for. Still, about 30 minutes after I had a big breakfast and popped a rhodiola rosea pill, I had to lie down and take a powernap.

Usually, I can’t sleep during the day, though it did happen pretty often when I took rhodiola rosea last time. Coincidence?

Anyway, this might be a pretty good time to keep track of the supps I’m currently using:
Creatine - 3/4 g with my post-workout shake
Beta-7 - 3 grams a day
Surge post-workout
Rhodiola Rosea (just started)
Tribulus Gold (2 pills 5 days a week)
BCAA’s (40 g peri-workout, probably gonna throw some in on off-days too)
Vinpocetine (just started)

I guess this is actually a load of supps for a relative beginner… Well, at least a first-time bulker, even if not a beginner to weight training in general :slight_smile: I really wonder if I can count on making beginner gains since this is my first proper bulk?

Anyway, my diet yesterday was virtually identical to my diet for the previous 2 days. Today’s diet:
Breakfast - tomato and cucumber salad, light veggie stew, chicken with walnut sauce.
Pre-workout - Power Drive + Matcha (green tea)
Peri-workout - 40 grams of BCAA’s
Post-workout - Surge

And that’s as far as I planned thus far…

Gonna post my workout after I complete it.

Still working out! I’m keeping track of my workouts. My food is pretty much identical day to day (except I’m having sushi tonight ;)) so not much point in keeping score there. Just haven’t had the time to update the thread. Soon… Soon…