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Push = Pull?

Hello all. I just completed one week of this split that I put together for my cutting cycle. I really dig it so far, but there are a few elements that I’d appreciate some feedback on. It might be relevant that I’m dieting T-dawg 2 style, am taking 4-AD, and recently finished Meltdown.

Monday: Horizontal Push-Pull
A1) Incline BB Bench Press 5X5
A2) BB rows 5X5
B) Flat DB Bench Press 5X5

Tuesday: Quad Dominant Legs
A) Back Squat 5X5
B) BB Hack Squat 5X5
C) Abs, yet to be decided 5X5

Friday: Hip Dominant Legs
A) Deadlift 5X5
B) Glute-Ham Raise 5X5
C) Calf Press 5X5

Saturday: Vertical Push-Pull
A1) Weighted Chins 5X5
A2) Push Press 5X5
B1) Close Grip Bench 3X5
B2) BB curls 3X5


  1. Does my horizontal pressing equal my horizontal pulling? My thinking is 10 sets of bench press = 5 sets of rows + 5 sets of deads. Is this correct?

  2. Would I be better off switching the order of my hip-dom leg day and vertical push-pull day? I went back and forth about this, and finally decided on the current order. One factor that might be important is that I plan on doing a kick ass HIIT session on Sunday.

  3. What do you think about the 3X5’s with the arm work? I feel that in most cases, direct arm work is pointless when cutting, but I thought I’d throw it in since arms are a weak point for me, and I might get something out of it, since I’m taking 4-AD.

I’d really appreciate any feedback from those with experience in these mattters. Thanks.

I would definitely switch Friday and Saturday.

Yeah… as I think about it more, that’s probably the way to go. Also I forgot my last question:

  1. I’ve wanted to try the ballistic bench press for a while. Would it fit into this program in place of flat DB bench press?