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Push & Pull Your Way Into MMA Shape

Thoughts on this article?


Nothing new really. Sounds like the same stuff davies and many of the other functional coaches scream about.

I think these types of workouts should be added to an overall scheme. To rely upon them only would leave other important training concepts behind. This is just another piece of the puzzle.

i agree.

i think an over emphasis on them (anything outside of a few microcycles to address weaknesses) would be of detriment.

I did like the rows on the stability ball idea for simulating the knee-on-belly position.

I agree with you guys…I think Poliquin summarized it best …"One of the dumbest things I see is the lying dumbbell press on a Swiss Ball using only one arm. The most a 180 pound guy will be able to use is about 45 pounds. Why? Because if you use more, you’re going to flip over. Now, the same guy can use much more than 45 pounds to do regular flat dumbbell presses. So what’s the point?

“Oh, it activates the core.” Yeah, and to what degree? All you’re doing is firing some stabilizers just to control yourself so you don’t flip over, but you’re not overloading the pressing muscles. So again, this is just entertainment training. It’s circus training and it doesn’t do anything!".

Now Charles does rub people the wrong way but his influence on the strength training community is undeniable.
I think if you have a problem firing certain muscles in a kinetic chain certain unstable movements done for a short cycle as remedial exercises would be beneficial ( i actually prefer Yielding & Overcoming isometrics…they work great )but i’m sure you guys have noticed the trend in the fight community now to market “MMA” everything…MMA strength,MMA cardio,MMA whatever.

Training a fighter (or if your a fighter training yourself) is such a individualized thing based not only your strengths and weaknesses but your structure,injuries,genetic makeup etc…so although kevin kearns is a good coach saying that doing ANYTHING on a swiss ball as more MMA specific or builds “real world” strength is kinda dumb…our bodies build structures based on whatever the stress we put on them so hard sparring both standup and ground will always be number 1 for ANY fighter…energy system work,strength training etc just back the entire system (ie you) up.

Training with a emphasis on unstable surfaces just make you good at training on unstable surfaces and everything works for a while so use as many tools as you want to achieve your goals but good programs are not based on specific equipment but what the person needs and puts into it…Hell Ross enamait wrote one of the best articles i have EVER read on the subject so i’ll let him explain it for those who haven’t read it

ChenZen i’m sure you’re preaching to the choir here. but amen… thats exactly what I was thinking.

Hey Xen…I’m sure i’m not the only one that feels this way but in my mind you’ve always given some of the most astute advice to newbies and some of us 30 somethings and beyond about some of the considerations one has to take when structuring a good training plan for fight conditioning .

It’s cool that you’re posting your training logs in the MMA hub and you’re always the first to offer up advice when somebody needs it…so kudos to you bro…alright cursory ass kissing over …let all who post here in the combat forum keep it informative and interesting.


Now thats how you get to 2nd base.

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