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Push/Pull Workout


Can anybody recommend me a push/pull workout to follow? I tried creating my own, but it turned out to be crap. I'm very interested in bodybuilding, and although I'm new to this site, I'm not new to this sport. I've been training for about 3 years now, with about a year of that being strength training. I'm on a 3800 calorie diet, and I can handle a decent amount of work with great intensity. A link or a name is all I'm asking for. Thanks!


I created my own a while back whereby i did 2 days dedicated to power/strength and the other 2 to hypertrophy. Sort of based loosely on the undulating periodization principle. If you're interested i'll post what a typical days training looked like - your shout. As for an 'offical' one, cant help i'm afraid.


I've just started something that sounds similiar with both strength and strictly hypertrophy training. How did this work for you? Did you meet both strength and size goals?


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You've been doing this for three years and you can't come up with a decent plan for yourself? You haven't learned what works for you in 3 years of training?


strength wise it worked well, not so much on the hypertrophy side. I think becuase i was training all muscles twice a week i wasnt giving myself enough time to grow, whereas neurologically it worked well and resulted in strength gains.


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