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Push/Pull Workout Question: Rep Scheme



I read TC's Push/Pull workout article, and would appreciate if anyone could clarify something regarding the rep/set scheme :

For the light/moderate days :

I was wondering if I have to choose a unique rep/scheme for all the exercises or if I can vary from one to another for any exercises?

i.e. :

A1 Romanian deadlift : 4 x 6

A2 Reverse grip curl : 4 x 6

B1 BB ROW : 2 X 12

B2 Leg curl : 2 x 12

C DB shrungs : 4 x 6

D Rear delt fly : 2 x 12

E Cable crunch : 4 x 6

Thanks for any help.



Do you mean CT (Christian Thibadeau)? If so I'm sure there is a way of asking him.


Experiment and find out, different levels of fatigue will result from different rep schemes on different exercises in different orders, by doing it you can decide which rep ranges are best, or even if you should alter your setup entirely.