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Push-Pull Suggestions?


I am starting a new push-pull workout, it will be every other day with two morning(5am) cardio sessions a week. My goal is to lose some fat foremost and build some muscle, I am 27 yrs old, 5'8" and currently weigh 173 lbs
push day:squat 4 sets(3 work)
military press 4 sets(3 work)
bench variation 4 sets(3 work)
close grip bench 3 sets
skull crushers 2 sets

pull day:deadlift 4 sets(3 work)
pullup 4 sets(as many as can)
upright rows 4 sets(3 work)
curls 4 sets
shrugs 3 sets
... any suggestions are welcome.


I'd make sure to toss in the bentover barbell row as it is the antagonist exercise to the bench press.


Btw just as a follow up..I don't see any need really in doing skull crushers after benching,close grip benching and overhead pressing. All of these movements will pretty much blast the triceps as is. Just my opinion though....


the skull crushers are only two sets for that reason...also I put my shoulders ahead of the bench because they are lagging