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Push/Pull/Squat Question


How would you go about progressing on this? And is it an effective method for strength gains? The workout looks like this

Day 1
Deadlift- work up to a max of 5 reps

Day 2
Bench- work up to a max of 5 reps

Day 3
Squat- work up to a max of 5 reps
Front Squat


I'm far from any sort of expert here... but knowing your experience level would definitely help. I'm going to assume you're a beginner so my suggestion is to get on a beginner's strength program like Mark Ripptoe's Starting Strength or Bill Star's 5x5 for a couple of examples. I personally think you'll burn out fast on the program you posted.


not sure where I rank but my lifts are:
Bench- 225lbs
Squat- 315lbs

and explain how I would burn out from this program please


Because your doing a max effort set each and every workout without rotating the exercises or having lighter days. How heavy are you and how long have you trained?


I did something similar to this when I was a beginner..

Legs/Abs-Squat, front squat, high rep leg press set, abs
Push-Bench, weighted dips, db shoulder press, triceps
Pull-Deadlift, chins, rows, biceps

I did this M, W, F. I had decent results, but struggled with recovery.


We're equally strong, but my opinion might count anyway. What's the goal? Powerlifting?

How much rest will you have between days 3 and 1? Deadlifting might suffer if you're worn out from squatting.


So you suggest I switch up my main lifts constantly like the WSB template? The reason I don't like the conjugate method is because you can't DL and Squat on the same week


You could... or you could do like in I think it's the starting strength program where you squat and dead in the same workout (if that's too much you could squat and rack pull) heavy to heavyish one day and go lighter on another day. I highly suggests you just find a powerlifting template/routine and stick with it for while (a few months at least before moving on). One my regrets for when I just started lifting was just kinda doing my thing without really knowing what I was doing when I feel that I should've been on one of the basic strength programs. Another one to throw out there is westside for skinny bastards. To be completely honest I've only glanced at these programs.

Edit: 5/3/1 is great one too. I did that one for a while and had great results for some time. I liked it because it gave you plenty of chances to practice form on the competition lifts. Only reason I switched to the westside template is because the volume on the comp. lifts was beating my joints up and causing progress to stagnate, but I do have a light frame with small joints so I doubt it's a problem for most.