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Push/Pull Splits

is there any benefit of push/pull splits over upper/lower body splits? or is it just personal preference?

The latter… preference.

Push/Pull Splits are a little harder on your Cardiovascular system, while upper/lower splits allow you to use a little more weight/intensity.

For example, if you just finished a set of squats, most of your blood will be in your legs and glutes, and performing some upper body pressing exercise immediately afterwards will be quite taxing for your body.

So if your goal is pure strength/mass gain, I’d rather recommend a body part split, if your goal is sports-related performance (e.g. football) a push/pull routine might be better.

But ultimately, you should try both and just do whatever you like more :slight_smile:

i tried push/pull before and it seemed to work good. it seems to me that i am getting tired faster with upper/lower split and that push/pull works better cause i will work the back on a different day than i work chest and shoulders…this way it seems i can actually use more weights.